Launched in May 2018, Answer Addiction has fast carved out a remarkable niche on the Internet as the leading addiction and recovery source of news, personal guidance and practical resources.

Advertisers get to be showcased before hundreds of thousands of visitors a month who are drawn to Answer Addiction’s unique combination of writing and reporting that is simultaneously savvy, authoritative, hip and stimulating.

And your message is broadcast before tens of thousands who rely on the quality and depth of Answer Addiction’s recovery and addiction guidance – and who make life choices from what they learn and experience at Answer Addiction.

Answer Addiction‘s core audience consists of four elements.

  1. Those seeking information about recovery or who are already in some stage of recovery.
  2. Their families and friends.
  3. Treatment professionals of all kinds.
  4. And a large, culturally savvy segment of the general public who get it that a wide range of addictive behaviours – and not only substance abuse – and how we deal with them engages a huge percentage of the population and are inseparable factors in societal and personal behaviour…and in life as we know it.

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