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Dave East: I Quit Xanax Because I “Couldn’t Get It Up”

The rapper was not about to compromise his sex life for Xanax.

Teen Posts Photos Of Collapsed Lungs To Warn Others Against Vaping

"I don’t think anyone could have said anything to make me stop. But your lungs will most likely look like this too if you’ve been smoking,” the teen warned.

Is Hookah More Dangerous Than Other Smoking Methods?

One pull from a hookah pipe can deliver as many “noxious substances” into a person's lungs as one cigarette.

Doctors Remain Skeptical Of Marijuana For Pain Relief

“We have given marijuana the status of medicine with none of the standards,” said one medical official.

Sacramento To Expand Mental Health Services With $126 Million In Funding

$126.1 million of state funding went unspent for some time, despite being earmarked for mental health services.

Doctors Turn Detectives To Find Out Who Stole Narcotics From Cancer Center

The doctors shared their experience with a medical journal with the hopes of helping others in similar situations.

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