This Week's Essential Reads

Mike Ness From Social Distortion On 34 Years Of Sobriety

“I hit an emotional bottom early on, and I’m grateful. I was lucky," said the lead singer.

How Should The Money From The Opioid Settlement Be Spent?

Tight controls will be needed to guarantee that all funds support evidence-based methods of prevention and treatment.

Brain Research Could Help ID People At Risk For Addiction

Understanding risk factors for addiction could help doctors better respond to the opioid crisis.

Tips for dealing with digital distractions as a student

Studying at university is a challenge, especially with all the distractions and phone addiction that students face today. We have some top tips to help!

Woman Arrested After Asking Cops To Test Her Meth

It’s not the first time that a person has contacted law enforcement to test their drugs.

Arizona Backs Out Of Purdue Settlement

Arizona's attorney general indicated that in light of new information, the $3 billion that the Sacklers had agreed to pay is not enough.

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon: I Was Thrown In Disney Jail For Weed

The rocker says her unique experience at the mega theme park highlighted how "consumerism is killing us."

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