Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB) is a collection of rehabilitation facilities all located within about 10 miles from each other. Donald K. Mullaney, a recovering addict with a doctorate in psychology, started BHOPB in 1997 as a 12-bed Florida drug rehab. It has since grown to be a 200-bed facility that also has a detox unit. The detox unit covers alcohol, drugs, heroin, pain pills and Suboxone.

Introduction and Basic Services

BHOPB’s General Treatment Program covers residential drug and alcohol rehab, young adult rehab, rehab for baby boomers, pain medication addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment and DUI rehab. It also covers mental health issues such as depression, anger management, bipolar disorder, binge eating disorder, codependency, domestic violence and depression treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, eating disorder and chemical dependency, gambling addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction, social skills development and trauma recovery treatment.

The team at BHOPB also runs intervention programs, holistic treatment programs, professional programs, spiritual programs, family programs and alumni programs.

BHOPB was recently purchased by Banyan Treatment Center. BHOPB is Banyan’s 8th and 9th rehabilitation center.

Facility and Meals

When a client arrives at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, their first stop is the clinic in Lake Worth, Florida for intake. After all the paperwork is run through, depending on their insurance and financial resources, the client is sent to one of three facilities: the lovely Seaside facility in West Palm Beach, the single sex residence in West Palm or Singer Island, or the Cottages in Palm Beach. All residences are within 10 miles of each other.

If detox is needed, BHOPB is there to help. The detox program lasts about seven to 10 days. BHOPB is among the 10 percent of Florida rehabs that offers detox. The top tier residents detox separately and everyone else detoxes together in a co-ed space. The clients are put in spacious double rooms and attend classes during the day and, if they are able, they also go to 12-step meetings.

The Cottages are efficiency condos with vacation house style furniture. There is maid service but clients have to clean the floors and bedrooms themselves. They, as well as the mid level residents, also cook their own meals with a $60 food allowance each week at the Winn Dixie. When not in group, they are free to watch TV and hang out as much as they’d like.

The Seaside residence at BHOPB has lovely modern furniture, queen sized beds, marble countertops and private chefs who cook meals to order. They also have a very large pool, which is nice in the Florida heat. Drivers shuttle clients to meetings as opposed to the vans for everyone else.

At the Seaside residence, clients are allowed to keep their cellphones and use the computer at the business center. At the Cottages, they are not allowed to keep their phones or use computers.

Treatment Protocol and Team

The real difference between Seaside the rest of the BHOPB residences is that counselors at the other facilities are not qualified to diagnose co-occuring issues. Therefore, those clients can primarily expect classes and 12-step meetings.

A typical day starts at 7 am where, at Seaside, a chef cooks a wonderful healthy breakfast. At the residences and cottages, the clients usually fend for themselves at mealtime. Then off to co-ed community groups, then single sex groups until lunch. After lunch (which is catered for the Seaside residents), there are tracks like pain management, anger management, nutrition, HIV and Hep. C, anxiety, and grief and loss and trauma, among other topics. Twice weekly they are offered acupuncture, Light and Sound Neurotherapy, and EMDR. After dinner, they attend outside AA meetings or have them at the residence.

Treatment at Seaside Palm Beach combines 12-step methods with evidence-based practices. Supplemental therapies are offered twice weekly including EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), hypnotherapy, acupuncture and biofeedback, massage, and meditation.

A treatment team includes a medical director, a Master of social work, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Clients may also participate in anger management groups and relapse preventions workshops. Specialized treatment tracks are offered for professional athletes, healthcare professionals, first responders and aviation professionals.

A comprehensive three-day family program is available for families and includes counseling and education.

After discharge, BHOPB counselors call the client once a week to monitor their progress and lessen the calls as the year goes on and they adjust to a new life. They then follow up with contacts who make the commitment to monitor patients and be honest in their reporting. In the event of a relapse, an alumni member will get in touch to see if a readmittance is needed and if so, they can help set that up quickly so the relapse is a short one and the road to sobriety is back on track. BHOPB even has a support group for friends and family of BHOPB clients to share stories and be supportive of others who are in the same position as they are.

They also offer Individualized aftercare that includes: referral for counseling, alumni programs and transitional living to bridge that gap between rehab and the real world.


Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a solid option for care, especially for those with extensive insurance coverage or financial means. The Cottages are still a solid alternative for anyone not financially able to cover the cost of BHOPB’s more upscale offerings. If the client is motivated, then the cushiness of the accommodations shouldn’t make much of a difference. Overall it’s a well rounded treatment experience offering 12-step support, plenty of therapy and lots of specialized programming. This facility is one of the many reasons why South Florida is considered a premier destination for recovery.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches Location

7859 Lake Worth Rd

Lake Worth, FL 33467

(561) 264-1138

[email protected]

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