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For anyone looking for a top notch luxury residential program, Cirque has everything you could possibly ask for and more.

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For anyone looking for a top notch luxury residential program, Cirque has everything you could possibly ask for and more.

Introduction and Basic Services

The Cirque is a luxury residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, as well as individuals with co-occurring mental health issues such as trauma, depression and bipolar disorder. Cirque was founded in 2000 by Richard and Boni Losee after they witnessed a family member suffering from addiction. Joint-Commission accredited, the facility has two locations in Sundance and Provo Canyon, Utah. Cirque offers a continuum of care that includes medical detox, residential programming and aftercare. The facility promotes a body-mind-spirit philosophy of care, and utilizes an integrative treatment model that incorporates evidence-based and experiential therapeutic methods into a 12-step immersion. Dual diagnosis support is available for clients with co-occurring mental illnesses.

Facility and Meals

Both Cirque locations are situated in the midst of Utah’s natural beauty. The “Lodge” is located at the base of the awesome Wasatch mountain range. Surrounded by stunning views of snow-tipped mountains, the Lodge is a rustic yet modern luxury retreat facility a spacious floor plan, comfortable handmade furnishings, common rooms, spiral staircases, stone fireplaces and a meditation room with a 360 degree view of the landscape. The facility is equipped for 16 residents with private and semi-private bedrooms that include queen and twin sized-beds and private bathrooms. The Lodge also has a smaller cabin called the “Lookout.” The Lookout boasts similar comforts and amenities, and is reserved for individuals going through detox.

The second location is called the “Studio” and located outside of Provo in Orem, Utah. At 110,000 square feet, the Studio is a large luxury facility with the breathtaking Mount Timpanagoos in its backyard. Residents enjoy an array of indoor and outdoor amenities including gender-specific accommodations, plentiful artwork on the walls, a fitness center, sauna and basketball court. There is also a spa with a hair salon and massage tables. The main attraction is the 17,000 square foot in-house challenge ropes course. Outdoors residents get to take in 12 acres of vegetable and flower gardens. In addition, Cirque offers equine therapy on the campus.

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Cirque places a premium on cuisine as an integral aspect of the body-mind-spirit approach to healing. As such, the facility employs an excellent on-site culinary team and uses only the freshest locally sourced ingredients. It can accommodate residents with specific dietary needs such as vegan or kosher. In addition, clients are welcome to grab healthy snacks throughout the day from the kitchen.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Cirque does not believe in the “one size fits all” approach to care. Instead, the facility seeks to heal the “whole person” rather than simply treating symptoms. During intake, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment that a personal and family medical and psychological history as well as a thorough account of alcohol and substance use. The Cirque team determines the best possible treatment strategy tailored to address the unique needs, goals and circumstances of the individual client. When necessary, clients immediately transfer into the facility’s detox program. Detox at Cirque includes around-the-clock medical supervision as well as medication that helps mitigate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Detox residents are kept very comfortable and are able to exercise when they want to. While the length of detox varies depending on the client’s needs, the process typically lasts three days. Upon completion, residents move into the residential program.

Cirque employs a diverse, multifaceted approach to treatment that integrates a host of therapeutic methods and medical services. The facility incorporates evidence-based therapies, 12-step, psychoeducation, experiential therapy and equine therapy. Clients engage in a weekly individual session and daily group sessions rooted in CBT, DBT, emotional freedom therapy and EMDR to treat trauma as a causal component of current conditions. Psychoeducation courses focus on the disease of addiction, dual diagnosis and relapse prevention techniques. Clients also participate in holistic practices and recreation like art therapy, physical fitness, crossfit and rafting. A typical day at Cirque begins at 8:30 am with breakfast immediately followed by a meditation, chapel service and a 12-step support meeting. In the afternoon, residents spend time with their family, participate in skills groups, experiential activities, free time and workshops. Lights out is at 11 pm.

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Cirque believes in the importance that family involvement has on the success of a sustainable recovery. As such, the facility offers a “family Week” that lasts for four days every three weeks.

Cirque provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes individual and group therapy rooted in the family systems therapy model. In addition, families take part in self-care classes, 12-step meetings and meditation.

In addition, the client works hand-in-hand with a case manager to develop an effective continuing care plan that helps the transition from residential care back into regular life. Individuals are connected with a support group network and a sponsor. The residential program length varies from person to person. Typically it is finished in 30 days, though extended and long-term versions are available.

Cirque employs a multidisciplinary team of experts that include MDs, psychiatrists, physicians, Master’s-level therapists, nutritionists, addiction specialists and a nursing team. Credentials includes MD, LCSW, CMHC, ACMHC and DO. Clients with co-occurring mental and physical health conditions receive medical services and medication management.


Cirque is a luxury residential treatment organization with two locations located in Utah. The Lodge and the Studio are both surrounded by the state’s natural beauty, and the bordering mountains provide an element of peace ideal for anyone beginning their recovery journey. Treatment programs are individualized and integrate a host of therapies including evidence-based, holistic, 12-step and medication management. In addition, families are actively involved, participating in a four-day program based on the family systems model. From the cuisine to the accommodations to the outings, the facilities offer a world-class experience. For anyone looking for a top notch residential program, Cirque has everything you could possibly ask for and more.

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Cirque Location


RR3 Box A-10
Sundance, UT 84604

777 N Palisade Dr
Orem, UT 84097

(800) 582-0709

Cirque Cost

$48,000 or $77,000 for Lodge (shared/private rooms, 30 days); $30,000 for Studio (30 days). Most major insurances accepted.

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