While addiction can develop as an attempt to self-medicate and alleviate emotional distress, ultimately it compounds the issue by burying these thoughts and emotions rather than addressing them.

Many people living with substance use disorders have a history of trauma. Because of this, addressing past traumas and other mental and emotional obstacles is necessary for long-term success in recovery. Discovery Point Retreat in Waxahachie, Texas, which is just 30 minutes from Dallas, offers a variety of modalities that can address substance abuse disorders and the underlying causes that contribute to addictive behaviors. In addition to top-notch treatment, residents enjoy plenty of amenities including an outdoor pool, an on-site exercise facility, basketball court, a fishing pond, horseback riding, swimming and hiking trails.

Discovery Point Retreat offers a full continuum of care that includes medical detox, residential care, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and aftercare planning. The facility believes in treating the whole person rather than merely fixing symptoms. This means comprehensive, individualized care addressing underlying issues and co-occurring disorders. Treatment includes a variety of therapeutic methods and evidence-based practices, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), along with the 12-step model, recreational therapy, equine therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is primarily employed to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress, offering new hope for people struggling with overwhelming fears that have fueled addictive behaviors.

Trauma history can trigger a conscious or unconscious desire for safety and control. These survival instincts can lead to addictive behavior, which, at first, may appear to have positive outcomes. These can include relaxation from the hyper vigilance of fear and relief from traumatic memories and the restoration of a sense of choice over behavior. Those who are struggling with addictive behavior related to trauma may feel embarrassed, ashamed or frustrated. While addiction can develop as an attempt to self-medicate and alleviate emotional distress, ultimately it compounds the issue by burying these thoughts and emotions rather than addressing them. Recognizing this can pave the way for recovery. The programs at Discovery Point Retreat are designed to offer the best in therapy and comfort.

For clients who may benefit from trauma-informed treatment, such as those diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorders or PTSD, Discovery Point offers EMDR as a holistic means of addressing these contributing factors of addiction. EMDR takes place under the supervision of a specially trained and licensed therapist. The technique works by the therapist directing the clients’ eye movements while guiding them through imagining distressing scenarios. They reflect on particular aspects of the trauma associated with the most stressful reactions. The practitioner asks the client to focus on a rhythmic pattern of movement while focusing on specific memories, targeted thoughts or emotions. During this process, the therapist asks the client to notice the sensations, images, and emotions that they experience and slowly begin to shift attention away from negative thoughts toward more positive ones. In doing so, anxiety begins to lift and the client is able to regain control over their emotional state.

The process of EMDR at Discovery Point Retreat allows clients to access painful memories that traditional talk therapy may not be able to effectively address.

In fact, one of the major benefits of EMDR is that clients don’t necessarily have to talk, making the therapy particularly inviting for those who have trouble verbalizing their traumatic experiences. Instead, EMDR for trauma-related anxiety can be a largely internal process guided by a compassionate therapist which restores a sense of safety and inner tranquility.

Living with unresolved trauma can lead to many types of negative coping behaviors. Substance abuse and other process addictions are often a way that those impacted by trauma treat their own anxiety and try to regain the control they feel has been lost. For those who are struggling with substance use disorders and unresolved trauma, EMDR at Discovery Point Retreat offers an excellent option for therapeutic care. With comfortable surroundings and many therapeutic options, Discovery Point Retreat is a place where healing can begin.

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