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Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota is a world-class treatment facility that can treat substance use disorders, eating disorders, surface addictions and co-occurring mental and physical health conditions.

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Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota is a world-class treatment facility that can treat substance use disorders, eating disorders, surface addictions and co-occurring mental and physical health conditions.

Introduction and Basic Services

Located 45 miles northeast of Central Minneapolis in the small town of Center City, Minnesota, Hazelden is a residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with substance use disorders. While the organization merged with the Betty Ford Foundation in 2014 and now offers services in 17 locations nationwide, Hazelden opened its first location in a small Center City farmhouse in 1949. Situated near the South Center Lake, Hazelden’s earliest location—called simply “The Old Lodge”—only treated men suffering from alcoholism. Now, 70 years later, Hazelden treats men, women, adolescents and children struggling with a broad range of substance use disorders including opioids, cocaine and marijuana.

Hazelden offers a curriculum of care that spans medical detox, residential programming, PHP, IOP, general outpatient services, sober living and aftercare, as well as specialized programs. Joint-Commission accredited, the facility provides a multifaceted approach that integrates evidence-based models with holistic practices and 12-step. The flagship facility also provides comprehensive dual diagnosis care for individuals with co-occurring mental conditions like depression, anxiety and trauma.

Facility and Meals

Hazelden in Center City is situated on a scenic 500 acre campus far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. The campus includes 10 gender-specific housing units equipped with a large common room, industrial kitchen, a computer lab, auditorium, coffee shop, music room, an impressive workout room, full-sized basketball court, an indoor running track, swimming pool, whirlpool and meditation room, as well as a number of outdoor walking trails and seating areas. Private and shared bedrooms are available with twin-sized beds, an ensuite bathroom and a balcony.

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Residents enjoy a delicious and nutritious menu prepared by an on-site culinary team. Plenty of options are available for individuals with dietary restrictions, preferences and allergies.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Hazelden provides comprehensive treatment for a host of substance use disorders as well as “surface addictions” like gambling, internet, pornography, smartphone and sex. Hazelden dismisses conventional “one size fits all” treatment methods and instead promotes a mind-body-spirit curriculum to uncover and heal the underlying root causes of conditions as well as the symptoms. To this end, clients go through an extensive assessment that begins with a phone interview. From there, individuals undergo a four-day intake process that includes medical and psychological assessments, a complete account of substance use as well as current circumstances. A clinical team also speaks with the client’s family and friends. The Hazelden team uses all of this information to design the most effective individualized treatment plan customized to address the unique needs, goals and situation of the person.

In many cases, clients transition immediately into the detox program. Hazelden offers a medical detox that includes around-the-clock medical supervision by physicians and a nursing team. Medication is available to help mitigate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like nausea and the flu. For clients struggling with opioid use disorders, the facility offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) that integrates the use of Naltrexone or Buprenorphine with therapy. Following detox, clients typically move into the residential program. The length of residential care varies from person to person depending on their needs.

Hazelden offers a client-centered model of care that synchronizes a number of therapeutic methods and medical services including 12-step recovery, evidence-based therapies, holistic measures, psychoeducation, relapse prevention and general wellness. Residents engage in individual and group therapy rooted in CBT, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help elicit a change in behavior by resolving client indifference. Therapists are also trained in short-term interpersonal therapy and solution-focused therapy. The facility also offers psychoeducation courses that focus on relevant topics like the disease of addiction and coping strategies.

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Upon completion of the residential program, many clients transfer into either the PHP or IOP. The facility provides comprehensive yet flexible treatment options ideal for individuals transitioning out of residential back into regular life, as well as people that require a consistent therapeutic structure but cannot make the time commitment to an inpatient curriculum. PHP lasts between 7:30 am and 1:30 pm on weekdays. Clients in the PHP have the option of either staying at home or on the facility’s campus in sober housing. Hazelden provides different levels of sober living care. Depending on the needs of the individual, clients can stay at supervised, monitored or resident-operated housing. The facility encourages a minimum stay of three months.

Many individuals move into the IOP following PHP. The IOP offers morning and evening scheduling options that allow for clients to receive therapy four times a week while continuing to work, attend school and stay at home.

Hazelden understands the significance of family involvement when it comes to the success of a long-term, sustainable recovery. As such, the facility provides an intensive three-day family program that helps to strengthen relationships, prevent enabling behavior and improve communication. In addition, Hazelden offers a range of specialized programming for professionals like health care workers, executives and attorneys in addition to age-specific groups like the elderly and young adults.

Hazelden employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, addiction specialists, dietitians, nutritionists, case managers, advocates and a nursing team. Medication management is available for individuals in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring conditions.

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Hazelden offers aftercare services including retreats, workshops and seminars as well as coaching. An active alumni group meets regularly for meetings and social events. There are also podcasts and online meetings available. Being part of the alumni program also provides discounts on relevant resources.

Bonus Amenities

Hazelden incorporates a number of experiential activities like yoga, spiritual care, nutrition therapy, meditation, animal-assisted therapy and process groups.


Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota is a world-class treatment facility that can treat substance use disorders, eating disorders, surface addictions and co-occurring mental and physical health conditions. With an experienced, multidisciplinary team, top notch accommodations and robust treatment curriculum, the facility provides an ideal sanctuary for anyone seeking a fresh start. A credit to the community for decades, Hazelden is among the finest treatment facilities in the world.

Hazelden Location

15251 Pleasant Valley Road

Center City, MN 55012

(855) 614-6699

Hazelden Cost

Call for details (Most insurances accepted), Financial assistance available. Find Hazelden on Facebook and Twitter

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