You’ll be surprised at how much fun you will have.

When people think of large music festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach and even Burning Man, they almost instantly think of drugs and alcohol.

Despite the fact that substance use and abuse is prevalent at these events, it’s entirely possible to attend sober and have a fantastic time. Just because you’re in recovery doesn’t mean that you need to give up your love of festival life and stay home this summer.

Logan Rossman is a clinical support specialist at Asana Recovery, which offers detox, residential treatment and an outpatient program in Costa Mesa, California. He regularly attends festivals sober, and has found that he has more fun now in recovery than he did when he was using drugs and alcohol.

“I have been able to enjoy everything more sober without any doubt,” Rossman said.

They key to having fun sober is planning, preparation and communication,

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Sat, June 22, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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