International Treatment Locators


12 Step Treatment (
This 12-step treatment center guide provides a unique section on International Treatment Centers.  It provides basic information on each center as well as web site and contact information.


Rehabs.Africa (
This treatment locator serves the continent of Africa by providing a central database of addiction treatment options, with approximately 100 providers listed. All African addiction treatment providers are listed for free. Categories include hospitals, outpatient centers, residential centers, luxury rehab centers. Youth, 12-step and Christian.


Addiction Friend Asia (
Treatment advisors offer free and independent advice on addiction treatment services in Asia. Center referrals are chosen based on the services they provide, treatments they use and their track record. All treatment providers are screened to ensure they are compatible with best practices. Addiction Friend deals primarily with expats living in Asia so they focus on English-speaking programs with a ‘Western style’ treatment approach.  Most major private health insurers are accepted at the facilities.

DeAddictionCentres (
DeAddictionCentres is India’s largest directory of addiction recovery centers. They cover over 1,000 centers from almost every state in India so people are able to find help near them. Listings are a community effort. An online form is provided for centers to be listed. A center which has been verified helps users know the posted information is accurate.

Rehabs.PH ( serves the Philippines by providing a central database of addiction treatment centers, including private residential centers and government-operated centers. Accreditations are listed. This project is funded by RehabPath based in Madison, WI, an independent company not associated with individual treatment providers.


The Australian Department of Health and Aging (
Provides phone numbers for Alcohol and Drug Information Services in each State/Territory

Qnada: Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (
Under Service Finder, provides a locator for Residential Rehabilitation and address

Australian Drug Information Network (
Click on Residential treatment on the left menu bar to find a comprehensive list of treatment centers.


Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (DART) (
Funded by the Government of Ontario, DART provides information about drug and alcohol addiction treatment services in Ontario, Canada. It operates a toll-free, province-wide free and confidential telephone service: the Drug and Alcohol Helpline (1-800-565-8603), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Click on Directory to find a searchable database of drug and/or alcohol treatment programs offered by organizations in Ontario, Canada.

Drug Rehab Centers – Canada (
A no cost drug and alcohol rehab center referral agency for treatment programs across Canada and the United States

United States of America

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (
SAMHSA collects information on thousands of state-licensed providers who specialize in treating substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness.

United Kingdom

Dear Albert (
This free and extensive recovery network provides a comprehensive overview of available recovery interventions throughout the UK. They specialize in peer mentoring and offer free needs assessments by qualified counselors and support in entering a treatment package that best meets each person’s needs. They have access to state run and private addiction recovery centers as well as established links with many local services, including detox clinics, residential treatment centers, charities and free help, private drug and alcohol services, and specialist counselors throughout the UK and internationally if necessary.

Port of Call (
This international treatment locator in the UK provides support and information to help people with substance use issues find rehab, detox and aftercare services that best meet their needs. The Port of Call team is made up of people in recovery and professionals who are trained in addiction counseling. Each facility they refer to receives an on-site evaluation before any recommendation is made. All affiliates are registered and qualified with the appropriate governing bodies. In the UK, listed clinics are fully registered by the Care Quality Commission that regulates health and social care services.

Rehab Online (
A directory of residential rehabilitation services for adult drug and/or alcohol recovery in England and Wales. Search by project name, town, county or postcode. Or click here to find a list of cities with links to treatment centers. (
Toll free number in the UK is 0808-26-REHAB
We Do Recover is a service based in South Africa, Thailand and the UK helping people find the most appropriate addiction treatment resource for their needs, budget, age, specific addiction and treatment history.

If you need treatment for drug addiction, you’re entitled to NHS care in the same way as anyone else who has a health problem.

Treatment Locators

Find treatment facilities and programs worldwide for mental and substance use disorders. These sites allow you to search for services local to you by entering an address or city.

If you know of any that we don’t show here, please do let us know, so we can include them!

United States of America

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (
SAMHSA collects information on thousands of state-licensed providers who specialize in treating substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness.


Find details of local and national services that provide counselling and treatment in England.


The Scottish Drug Services Directory
This online directory has been developed to help people access contact information and details for over 200 agencies in Scotland who can help with drug treatment and care.


DAN 24/7
All DAN 24/7 services are available to people who live in Wales. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. You can talk confidentially to fully trained operators by calling us on: 0808 808 2234

Northern Ireland

Public Health Agency
If you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking, speak to your GP, who may refer you to a specialist agency. There are a range of services available across Northern Ireland that provide advice and support.

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