Morning Roundup: Apr. 18, 2019

Morning Roundup: Apr. 18, 2019

Stop forcing your mindfulness on me, fake-smiling customer service workers drink more, pope urges students to put down phones and practice self-reflection.

Forced to Smile at Work? You Might Drink More When You Get Off. [CNN]
People who work in customer service tend to drink more—big shocker. All that forced smiling and having to uphold “the customer is always right” had to manifest somewhere. 

Prince Harry, Oprah Winfrey Joining Forces on a New Documentary Series About Mental Health [Good]
Oprah is teaming up with Prince Harry to produce a new show about mental illness as well as mental wellness. It is due for broadcast next year.

Pope Urges Students to Fight Their Addiction to Phones [Catholic News Service]
At a recent gathering, Pope Francis encouraged high school students to get in tune with some healthy introspection—so they may listen to their conscience and be able to distinguish it “from the voices of selfishness and hedonism.”

Shipments of Opioid-Reversing Naloxone Continue to Puerto Rico Health Centers [Direct Relief]
In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico, naloxone is among the supplies needed to provide relief to the struggling island. The island has seen a rise in ODs after Maria. “We began to to see the crisis increasing.” 

Mothers in Addiction Should Not Be Charged, Nursing Body Says [Charleston Gazette-Mail]
Punishing new mothers for drug use only “reinforce[s] a culture of fear and barriers” to health care, according to the American Academy of Nursing. They say a policy of care, not criminalization, would be a better approach.

Opioid Watchdogs Fight Epidemic with Letter Drops, Grassroots Action [WBUR]
Opioid Watchdogs Letter Drops is a grassroots campaign to spread personal stories of people lost to opioid abuse. The letter-writing campaign targets media outlets like CNN and Tucker Carlson.

Spice in Sheffield: The City’s Drive to Tackle the Highly Addictive Drug [Guardian]
Spice is the drug of choice for many homeless people in the UK, similar to the U.S. In response, the city of Sheffield established a drop-in clinic specifically to help these people—whether through housing support, mental health care, or therapy. 

Perspective: Stop Forcing Your Mindfulness On Me [Fast Company]
Not everyone is enthralled with the “mindfulness” trend—like Jared Lindzon. Especially when it is being promoted relentlessly at every turn.

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