Morning Roundup: Apr. 5, 2019

Morning Roundup: Apr. 5, 2019

Family writes books about substance abuse, ‘NaloBoxes’ will give the public access to naloxone for emergencies, NFL exec goes back to his youth to share story of tragedy and addiction.

La Jolla Teen Pens Books on Alcoholism, Addiction in the Family [La Jolla Light]
After helping her dad realize that he had a drinking problem, Lianna has written two books drawing from her experience. “It started as a family project. My dad encouraged me to write about the experience as a way to heal.”

State to Place Overdose Reversal Drug in Public Places [US News]
‘NaloBoxes’ are coming to Maine. The boxes containing the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone, will be available to the public to use in drug overdose emergencies.

A Fatal Accident, Jail, Alcoholism and Addiction: NFL’s Terry McDonough Tells His Story [ESPN]
The troubled past of Arizona Cardinals executive Terry McDonough, and how his abuse of alcohol and pills stemmed from early trauma. He’s sharing his story so that it may help others.

‘There Is Hope’: Series Highlights Stories of Addiction Recovery in Ohio [WFYI]
‘Recovery Stories’ is about sharing stories of hope from Ohioans impacted by substance use disorder. The project looks at the hidden, underreported stories of the Ohio opioid crisis.

Meet the Seattle Top Doctor Working to Understand Opioid Addiction and Treatment [Seattle Magazine]
Dr. Richard Ries is working on integrating substance use disorder treatment into the medical system. In the ’80s, he helped establish the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Let’s Address Four Common Myths About Harm Reduction [Filter]
Two mental health experts explore four common myths about harm reduction. “Recent public interest in finding innovative solutions to the opioid-involved overdose crisis provides an opportunity to revisit long-held misconceptions.”

Man Used Plenty of Fish Dating Website to Send Cocaine to Unsuspecting Woman [WWSB]
Approximately one pound of cocaine was sent to an unsuspecting woman, through a man she met on the dating website Plenty of Fish. He had the drugs sent inside of a car starter.

Perspectives: Students Open Up About Adderall [The Defender]
Students at St. Michael’s College share their perspective/experience with the ADHD drug Adderall. What is the appeal, and what are the risks?

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