Morning Roundup: Apr. 8, 2019

Prince Harry says Fortnite is ‘addictive’ and ‘irresponsible,’ Wendy Williams releases PSA for recovery help, Australia mulls mandatory youth drug rehab.

Morning Roundup: Apr. 8, 2019

Prince Harry says Fortnite is ‘addictive’ and ‘irresponsible,’ Wendy Williams releases PSA for recovery help, Australia mulls mandatory youth drug rehab.

Prince Harry: Fortnite Is an ‘Addiction’ That ‘Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ [MarketWatch]
The Duke of Sussex called the popular game Fortnite “addictive” and “irresponsible” at a recent mental health forum in London. “It’s created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible.”

Letter to the Editor: Legalizing ‘Safe Injection’ Sites Would Not Solve Addicts’ Problems [Portland Press Herald]
A reader argues against proposed supervised injection facilities in Maine. “Shouldn’t we, then, also ensure that all diabetics are provided with their legal shots of insulin? Diabetes is life-threatening as well.”

Wendy Williams Releases PSA for Addiction Treatment: ‘There Is Hope, I Am Proof’ [ET]
In a new public service announcement, talk show host Wendy Williams encourages anyone in need of help with substance use disorder to call her family foundation’s helpline. “If you’re an addict or a substance abuser don’t be ashamed. Help is here for you.”

Should Drug-Addicted Kids Be Forced Into Rehab? An Abuse Survivor and a Magistrate Think So. [ABC]
An abuse survivor says she would have benefited from mandatory treatment of substance-addicted youth, currently being debated in parts of Australia. “I feel like as a community we have an obligation to intervene as early as possible to help these young people.”

The Dark Side of March Madness? How to Get Help if You Have a Problem with Gambling. [USA Today]
With legal sports betting allowed in eight states, and with March Madness coming to a close, state officials anticipate a growing number of calls for gambling help in the coming months. 

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Trump To Close US-Mexico Border ‘If The Drugs Don’t Stop’ [Vox]
Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs or the closure of the U.S.-Mexico border “if the drugs don’t stop, or largely stop.” Writer German Lopez explains why this “war on drugs” mentality has not worked for anyone, and why “more addiction treatment” is the real answer.

Perspectives: Alum Opens Up About Her Sobriety [The Defender]
An interview with a student of St. Michael’s College, who shared her experience of what it was like to be a college freshman in recovery. “It turned out that almost everyone I talked to about it was super supportive and nonjudgmental.”

‘I Was Not the Man My Wife Married’: What It’s Like to be Addicted to Painkillers [Eastern Daily Press]
A UK man finally realized the extent of his opioid dependency, and how it affected his overall mood and relationship with his wife. “It became normal. I just thought he’s taking these pills, or he’s old. But when I look back it did pull me down as well, without me realizing it.”

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