Morning Roundup: Aug. 29, 2019

Morning Roundup: Aug. 29, 2019

Police say husband spiked wife’s cereal with heroin. Father’s life upturned after authorities mistook honey for meth. DEA to expand access to research marijuana. 

Her Death Was Ruled an Overdose. Now Police Say Her Husband Spiked Her Cereal with Heroin. [Washington Post]
A Michigan man has been arrested for the 2014 death of his wife. Investigators were suspicious of the woman’s death, from a heroin overdose, since the beginning. Now they say her husband is responsible.

DEA May Soon Allow More Growers to Produce Cannabis for Medical Research [NPR]
“I am pleased that DEA is moving forward with its review of applications for those who seek to grow marijuana legally to support research,” said the Attorney General. The agency, until now, has stalled this process, limiting access to cannabis for medical research.

Georgia Among States with Lowest Rates of Prescription Drug Misuse, Study Says [GPB]
Georgia is tackling its drug abuse problem with its prescription drug monitoring program. By requiring prescribers to check patients’ prescription histories, the state has made a dent in prescription drug misuse. 

Father Jailed for Nearly 3 Months After Airport Officials Mistake Honey for Meth [CNN]
A Maryland man whose life became a “mess” after airport officials mistook jars of honey for methamphetamine, has now been proven innocent. His attorney says they plan to sue. “They put me through hell.” 

What To Know About Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol [Medical News Today]
Moderate drinking should not cause kidney pain, but heavy drinking may lead to kidney problems. Are you experiencing kidney pain (in the lower back are)? Here’s some helpful information.

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Addiction Clinics Market Unproven Treatments to Desperate Patients [ABC News]
Is NAD therapy effective? According to this report, it’s iffy. And not only that, the treatment is costly. Can this IV infusion really “wipe drug cravings away”?

How the Home Depot’s Stolen Tools Are Fueling Florida’s Drug Trade [Tampa Bay Times]
Thieves have lifted millions of dollars worth of merchandise from hardware retailers to sell themselves. Some are drawn to the business to fund their drug use. 

Mental Health Nurses Could Play Big Role in Shrinking Psychiatrist Shortage [KGW 8]
To offset the shortage of mental health professionals, this report highlights how nurses can fill in the gap. “The more our society becomes complicated and pressured, I really think that we need to look at mental health as just part of primary care.”

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