Morning Roundup: Aug. 5, 2019

Morning Roundup: Aug. 5, 2019

Korn guitarist explains difference between his faith and drugs. Federal gov’t health plan to begin limiting opioid Rx. Delta pilot busted for being intoxicated before flight.

Trump Administration to Reduce Length of Opioid Rx for Federal Employees [STAT News]
Starting this fall, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program will begin limiting  opioid prescriptions. It is the largest job-based health plan, covering about 9 million people.

Delta Air Lines Pilot Arrested at Minneapolis Airport after Failing Sobriety Test Before Flight [CBS News]
Thirty-seven-year-old Gabriel Schroeder, a Delta pilot, was found with a container of alcohol, impaired, before boarding a flight to San Diego. Officials said they could smell the alcohol on the pilot.  

England Failing to Tackle Alcohol ‘Epidemic,’ Say Researchers [BBC]
Funding cuts are hurting England’s problem with alcohol, King’s College London experts say. “For every £1 you spend on treatment, you save over £3 in NHS and social care costs, so cutting these services is a false economy.”

Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch Responds to Critics Who Say He’s Merely Replaced Drugs with Religion [Christian Post]
“Over the years, I’ve had many annoying people tell me, ‘You just changed your addiction from drugs to an addiction to your religion.'” Korn guitarist Brian Welch explained the difference between his faith and his past drug use. 

Oklahoma Makes Final Bid to Hold Johnson & Johnson Responsible for Opioid Epidemic [Reuters]
Ahead of a highly anticipated ruling in August, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter made his final case alleging that Johnson & Johnson was “at the root” of the opioid crisis. 

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‘Idiot Wind’ Tells Personal Tale of Journeying from Addiction to Recovery [NPR]
A review of Peter Kaldheim’s memoir, Idiot Wind. “I’m not sure I would have argued for another memoir in which a white man’s life implodes from alcohol and cocaine addiction.”

The Opioid Crisis Is About More Than Corporate Greed [New Republic]
Emails between drug companies “appear to show that Big Pharma knew that a significant share of their product was landing in the street, feeding addiction.”

US Attorney Warns of Counterfeit Pills After Overdose Deaths in SoCal [NBC News]
“Blues” and “M-30s”—pills believed to be involved in a recent cluster of ODs in San Diego County—contain a “lethal strain of fentanyl” according to U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer. 

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