Morning Roundup: Dec. 12, 2018

Morning Roundup: Dec. 12, 2018 1

Charlie Sheen announces a sober milestone on Twitter, Governor Cuomo will soon announce his plan to legalize recreational marijuana, Pennsylvania set to give out free naloxone kits on Thursday.

Dennis Rodman Says He Fell Off Wagon Again, Is Drinking Again [360aproko]

The former Chicago Bulls All Star recently revealed that he has begun drinking again after becoming sober. Rodman says he’s returned to AA meetings and is determined to cut back on the alcohol.

Opinion: Denying Prisoners’ Medication-Assisted Treatment Is Breaking The 8th Amendment [WSJ]

An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal makes a dynamic case for why prisoners should constitutionally be given medication-assisted treatment to help with their addiction. The piece cites a reason court precedent in Boston where a federal judge ordered a county jail to let an inmate take prescription methadone for his opioid addiction.

Family Sues Bertucci’s Restaurant Over Overdose Death [Daily Hampshire Gazette]

The mother of a man who died inside a Bertucci’s restroom is suing the company. The lawsuit alleges that because employees did not check the restrooms prior to closing and the man was left in the stall overnight without a chance to receive medical intervention.

80 Pennsylvania Locations To Hand Out Free Naloxone [WITF]

In a statewide effort to help those with opioid addiction, Pennsylvania is handing out free naloxone kits on Thursday. The free kits will be available at about 80 locations across the state, with at least one site per county.

Foundation To Study Benefits of Medical Marijuana On Alzheimer’s Disease [ABC News]

A Massachusetts family’s experience giving marijuana edibles to their dying patriarch is set to kick off a desperately needed investigation into how cannabis might treat some of the more troubling symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that affects 5.7 million Americans.

Charlie Sheen Is One Year Sober [Page Six]

The 53-year-old actor announced on Twitter that he is one year sober. He shared a picture of his chip and wrote, “so, THIS happened yesterday!”

Hopcat To Change Name Of Crack Fries Because Addiction “Is Not Funny” [Click On Detroit]

The popular Michigan restaurant well-known for their award-winning fries issued a statement about the forthcoming name change. “We chose the name more than 11 years ago as a reference to the addictive quality of the fries and their cracked pepper seasoning, without consideration for those the drug negatively affected. We were wrong. The crack epidemic and the lasting impact on those it affects is not funny and never was.”

Cuomo Readying Plan To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In New York [The Hill]

Governor Andrew Cuomo will soon announce his plan for legalizing recreational marijuana in New York.  A spokesman for the governor says the proposal could come as early as next year. 

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