Morning Roundup: Dec 18, 2018

Morning Roundup: Dec 18, 2018

Teens ditch drugs and alcohol for vapes, drunk teacher who bit teenager’s backside is fired, Cuomo’s legalization push may not go as smoothly as he would like.

Teen vaping continues to rise while other drug use declines, survey finds [ CNN ]
A case of lesser evils: teen vaping is up, but teen use of all other drugs and alcohol is down, according to researchers. 

Break Your Phone Addiction With … A Second Phone? [ Wired ]
Phone companies are pitching dumber phones to the consumer market in an attempt to capture the market that wishes not to be captured by their smartphones.

Puppy therapy to help prisoners with mental health and addiction launched for the first time in the UK [ The Telegraph ]
The scientifically proven method of spending time with a puppy to boost positive emotions and behavior is being put to work in UK prisons.

Chinese Universities to Ban Alcohol [ Townhall ]
Due to how easy it is to get around the minimum age laws and get booze from someone older than 18, the legal drinking age in China, universities there have decided to just ban the stuff outright.

Drunk teacher bit 14-year-old girl’s backside in pool then tried to bribe cops [ Metro ]
A teacher swam underwater to take a bite of a young teenager while drunk and in front of everyone there. He was subsequently fired for his drunken, unprofessional, and creepy behavior.

No chance N.Y. legalizes weed before N.J., insiders say: Why Cuomo’’s plan changes nothing [ ]
Cuomo might be fighting hard for legalization, but it probably isn’t happening, according to inside sources.

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Elizabeth Warren’s marijuana bill has majority support in the Senate, according to its co-sponsor [ ]
Taking advantage of a Democratically controlled House, Warren is pushing a states rights marijuana bill and it just might go through.

Can you be Smartphone-sober for a year? How about for $100,000? [ Tech News Today ]
The minds behind Vitamin Water are challenging anyone, anyone, to ditch their smartphone for an entire year for a hefty monetary prize. They’re counting on the challenge to go viral among people who in all likelihood saw it on their smartphones.

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