Willie Nelson reveals why he stopped smoking pot, Chico DeBarge busted for meth possession, bus driver accused of drinking beer while driving students.

Chico DeBarge Arrested For Meth Possession [TMZ]

New Research Uncovers Personality Type Most Likely To Binge Drink [Yahoo]

Julián Castro Open To Decriminalizing Drugs, Endorses Safe Consumption Sites [Marijuana Moment]

Holiday Season Can Trigger A Relapse For Those In Recovery [WTSP]

Willie Nelson No Longer Smokes Pot Due To Breathing Issues [KSAT]

Black Mothers Get Less Treatment For Postpartume Depression [NPR]

Bus Driver Accused Of Drinking Beer While Driving Students To School [CNN]

6 Drug Companies’ Roles In Opioid Epidemic Scrutinized By Prosecutors [New York Times]


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Mon, December 2, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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