Morning Roundup: Dec. 28, 2018

Morning Roundup: Dec. 28, 2018

The link between tarot cards and mental health is detailed, Rev. Al Sharpton calls marijuana legalization “a civil rights issue” and cocaine makes a comeback in New York. 

Social Media & Sobriety: How Facebook Helps People Kick The Habit [Deseret News]

A new report suggests that social media is having a positive affect on changing the narrative of addiction. A group of people in recovery share their stories of how social media allowed them to tell their stories in a way they wren’t able to before.

Cocaine Is Making A Comeback In New York [SI Live]

A DEA official said in a press release that “cocaine is making a comeback in New York. Our cases indicate that dealers are selling cocaine alone as well as mixtures of cocaine with fentanyl. I want to warn New Yorkers that there is no quality control when it comes to drugs, you have no idea what local dealers are selling. Every time you use drugs, you put your lives in dealers’ hands.”

Families Use Medical Marijuana To Treat Autism [WHEC]

Families of kids with autism are using medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of the disorder but only a handful of states allow for the legal use of pot for autism treatment. A few reports cite a lack of evidence that marijuana works as a treatment for the disorder despite many families’ claims that marijuana works wonder for the disorder.

Inside Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Air Force [The Daily Beast]

A new interview series spotlights Pablo Escobar’s right-hand man as he gives away the insidious secrets of the drug lord’s cocaine empire. 

How Tarot Cards Are Used To Help Mental Health [Teen Vogue]

The link between tarot cards and psychology is explored in this exposé. Tarot card readers reveal how the cards help people better understand themselves and develop strategies for a better life.

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Marijuana Legalization Should Be About Justice, Not Money [High Times] 

In a recent op-ed, the reverend states that marijuana is a civil rights issue. “As we [New York] prepare to join states like California, Washington, and Oregon in embracing legal use and the economic future that will follow, we cannot forget those haunted by the ghosts of marijuana law’s (hopefully soon) past: People of color and the formerly incarcerated,” Sharpton wrote.

The 12-Step Program For “Tech Addicts” [Daily Mail UK]

People are enrolling in programs similar to AA to help battle their technology addiction. The programs help those with addictions to social media, video games and the internet.

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