Jodie Sweetin to be honored for memoir chronicling her substance abuse and recovery, Israel approves compassionate use of MDMA for PTSD, Sri Lanka hiring hangmen to execute drug traffickers.

Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift [NY Times]
Crystal methamphetamine is a popular gift for birthdays, graduations, and holidays, according to North Korean defectors. 

Free Help Offered for Mississippi Drug Addicts Through Statewide Initiative [Biloxi Sun Herald]
Stand Up Mississippi can continue to offer free help to people seeking recovery, after receiving a federal grant. The program offers free treatment, follow-up help, and free access to Narcan.

Jodie Sweetin to be Honored by Writers in Treatment [Hollywood Reporter]
The ‘Fuller House’ star will take home the highest honor at this year’s Experience, Strength and Hope Awards. Sweetin will be recognized for her memoir ‘unSweetined,’ which chronicles her battle with substance abuse.

Israel Approves Compassionate Use of MDMA to Treat PTSD [Haaretz]
Israel’s Health Ministry has approved the use of MDMA to treat about 50 patients with PTSD. The “party drug” is still prohibited in Israel.

How Racial Bias Has Shaped the Opioid Epidemic [US News]
Implicit biases among health care providers has formed a divide between low-income whites who suffer the most from opioid addiction, and communities of color who receive insufficient treatment, according to new research.

Sri Lanka Hiring Hangmen, Inspired by Philippines’ War on Drugs [Reuters]
Following the example of the Philippines’ violent anti-drug crusade, Sri Lanka is now in the market for new hangmen, as the country seeks to resume executions of drug traffickers.

Hormones May Be Linked to Substance Use Disorder & Relapse in Women [Bustle]
Women’s hormones may make them more susceptible to substance use disorder and relapse, according to new research. This is the first step in developing treatments that are actually effective, say researchers. 

Tennessee Bill Would Charge Pregnant Women Using Drugs if Baby Born Addicted [WZTV]
A bill recently filed in Tennessee wants to prosecute pregnant women for assault if their newborn is affected by their drug use. If passed, the law could go into effect July 1.

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