Soundgarden widow testifies before Congress on opioid crisis, NY leaders propose weed tax to fund NYC subways, anesthesiologist shares story of hidden addiction and recovery.

Food Addiction: ‘It Was Like I Had to Control a Monster Inside Me That Wanted to Eat Everything.’ [BBC]
A look inside Overeaters Anonymous (OA). Similar to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, OA meetings provide support and a structured program of recovery.

I Was One of the Top Doctors in My Field. I Was Also an Opioid Addict. [Marie Claire]
An anesthesiologist who would sneak syringes of drugs more powerful than fentanyl got a wakeup call when she was caught stealing drugs from the hospital. 

Chris Cornell’s Wife to Congress on Opioid Crisis: ‘Chris’s Death Was Not Inevitable.’ [TMZ]
The widow of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell testified before Congress to tell her husband’s story of addiction. “Chris had a brain disease and a doctor who… was not properly trained or educated on addiction.”

Behind the Scenes with Cannabis Charities [Forbes]
Within the fast-growing legal cannabis industry are non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting social and economic justice.

How Childhood Trauma Teaches Us to Dissociate [Psych Central]
Dissociation is a defense mechanism rooted in trauma, inner conflict, and other forms of stress. This article explains its relationship to childhood trauma. 

NY Leaders Propose Weed Tax to Fund NYC Subways [CNBC]
A new proposal would fund a much-needed overhaul of New York City’s subway system with marijuana taxes. The governor is exploring marijuana legalization in NY, and says his tax plan would rake in $300 million.

Health: Advancing Alcoholic Hepatitis Research [NIAAA Science Blog]
Alcoholic hepatitis is a particularly severe form of alcohol-related liver disease, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Here is the current research.

How Pills Bought Online Are Scarring Scotland’s Rural Villages [BBC]
Drugs bought online are having a tragic impact on Scotland’s rural communities. “People are accessing drugs differently now.” 

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