Samuel L. Jackson details being addicted to crack cocaine in the 80s and 90s, woman caught with backpack full of drugs in court, report highlights the high cost of smoking.

Samuel L Jackson Discusses His Past Drug Use [People]

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Glass actor detailed his addiction to crack cocaine in the 80s and 90s.

The Cost Of Smoking [Fortune] 

A new study by Wallethub looks at the cost of smoking over a year and over a lifetime. 

Woman Shows Up To Court For Drug Charges With Backpack Full Of Drugs [News 5 Cleveland]

The woman, who was in court for aggravated possession and possession with intent to distribute, was carrying a backpack containing MDMA, gabapentin, meth and marijuana.

Amid Rising Sobriety Trend, Heineken Brings Alcohol-Free Version To US [ADAGE]

The popular beer company is introducing Heineken 0.0, their alcohol-free beer to the US market in an effort to cash-in on the non-alcoholic beverage market. Heineken 0.0 made its debut in Spain in 2016.

Bam Margera Leaves Rehab After 10 Days [People]

In multiple Instagram posts, the 39-year-old pro-skateboarder discussed his decision to leave rehab and said that his brief time in treatment made him realize that he was only drinking “out of boredom.”

Massachusetts Moves Closer To Cannabis Cafes, Pot Delivery [WCBV 5]

A panel recommended that the state move forward with plans to allow home delivery of marijuana and to set up cannabis cafes where people can consume marijuana in a communal setting. The Cannabis Control Commission must approve delivery and cafes before the state moves forward.

Game Of Thrones Star Calls Out Piers Morgan For Stigmatizing Mental Health Tweets [Time]

In a recent quoted tweet, controversial public figure Piers Morgan agreed that celebrities are sharing their “mental health problems” because it is trendy. Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner slammed his opinion with a tweet explaining why celebs are speaking out about mental health in an effort to end the stigma.

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