The AP fact checks Trump’s wall, recreational cannabis delivery OK’d in California, Bam Margera’s friends worry about him now that he’s done with court-mandated treatment.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on the wall, drugs, Russia, vets [AP]
The wall won’t stop drugs from coming up from Mexico, according to an AP fact check.

Cannabis deliveries OK’d in California: ‘The public spoke loud and clear’ [USA Today]
It’s official: recreational marijuana can be delivered straight to your door if you live in California.

Now that Bam Margera has finished his court-mandated three-month online program and 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, his friends are worried about what comes next.

Blac Chyna “Called On By Police” Amid Claims She Was Drunk & Neglecting Her Daughter [Capital XTRA]
A concerned anonymous tipper called police to report that the model was too drunk to look after her two year old daughter.

Two Florida men caught with $1.5 million in marijuana, pot-filled edibles on I-20 [Longview News-Journal]
Florida police busted a pair of men carrying 200 pounds of marijuana and 80 pounds of edibles, estimated to be worth $1.5 million.

A.I. finds non-infringing ways to copy drugs pharma spends billions developing [Digital Trends]
Artificial intelligence could be used to make drugs that are just different enough to not infringe copyrights and patents by existing pharmaceutical companies.

Drunk Texas Student Disrupts Transatlantic Flight After Girlfriend Dumps Him Via Text [People]
After getting the bad news from his girlfriend, a Texas student got drunk on rum he brought onto the plane and caused a huge scene.

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