Morning Roundup: Jan. 4, 2019

Morning Roundup: Jan. 4, 2019

Researchers explore whether disrupting memories associated with addiction can curb it, federal cannabis prosecutions decline, “Bandersnatch” star takes social media break for mental health.


Could Altering Memories Help Treat Addiction? [The Daily Beast]

For a recent study, researchers are exploring if disrupting and weakening memories associated with drug use and addiction can curb cravings and relapse. 

Parents Feel Forced To Give Up Rights To Get Kids Mental Health Help [NPR]

Parents discuss having to transfer custody of their children in order to get them the mental health treatment that they need. Experts blame this situation on a lack of community-based and in-home services for mental health treatment. 

Federal Marijuana Prosecutions Are Dropping In Era Of Legalization [Boston Globe]

A year-end report by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts notes that federal marijuana prosecutions have begun to decline due to marijuana legalization. The number of defendants accused of marijuana-related crimes was down 19% in 2018.

“Bandersnatch” Star Will Poulter Takes Twitter Break For Mental Health [E! Online]

One of the stars of the Netflix movie has announced his intention to take a break from social media to deal with his mental health.

Phoenix Gyms Help Members Overcome Addiction [WXYZ]

A gym founded by a man in recovery is dedicated to helping members in the sober community. The gym, which is aptly named The Phoenix, has 20 locations across the country – all free of charge. 

These Phone Apps May Be Able To Monitor Teen’s Mental Health [NBC DFW]

Researchers are working with apps that use artificial intelligence to gauge when a person may be about to commit self-harm or have a depressive episodes. One expert says that there may be “as many as 1,000 smartphone biomarkers” for depression.

Sheriff: Fake Pastor Carrying Drug-Filled Bible Visited Jail [KWTX]

A man disguised as a pastor was caught trying to smuggle Suboxone strips via a bible into a North Carolina jail. The fake pastor and an inmate have been charged in connection with the smuggling operation. 

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