Morning Roundup: Jan 7, 2018

Morning Roundup: Jan 7, 2018

NHS to help British citizens quit smoking, Qatar increases alcohol tax to 100% before the World Cup, cops support music festivals testing safety of reveler’s drugs.

All smokers admitted to hospital to be offered help to quit by NHS [ The Guardian ]
England’s National Health Service has a New Year’s resolution: help over 600,000 people quit smoking.

Qatar introduces 100-percent alcohol tax ahead of the 2022 World Cup [ The Takeout ]
The move is supposedly to tone down the use of “health-damaging goods,” but the more than one million visitors who are definitely drinking when they come for the 2022 World Cup may have something to do with it.

Music festivals are offering to test the safety of people’s drugs, and police increasingly like the idea [ Washington Post ]
Even the police are realizing that sometimes harm reduction is the best move.

NJ Towns Buck Marijuana Legalization [ WNYC ]
While most of the nation is gearing towards legalization, a handful of local governments are taking a stand against marijuana dispensaries in their towns.

Teens Sharing Drugs Can Be Convicted As “Drug Dealers” [ Psychology Today ]
As if there needed to be another way for teens to get in trouble, it turns out sharing drugs has been charged as dealing drugs in some cases.

E-cigarette battery ignites fire on American Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Chicago [ USA Today ]
The country’s hottest new habit caught fire on a domestic flight.

How the world’s ugliest color is stopping people from smoking [ From the Grapevine ]
In Israel, a disgusting greenish-brown color is being used on cigarette packaging to make them much less appealing.

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Drunk Man Accidentally Enters Wrong Home, Curls Up With 150-Pound Dog [ Inside Edition ]
The two women living in the home were freaked out, but forgave their neighbor for his New Year’s drunken mistake.

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