Morning Roundup: Jan 8, 2019

Morning Roundup: Jan 8, 2019

Surgeon General believes it’s time to rethink marijuana, Bella Hadid ditches vaping as New Year’s resolution, Twitch streamer banned for passing out drunk on live stream.

Surgeon General Believes It’s High Time For Marijuana Reclassification [Forbes]
Despite the opinions of his fellow Trump nominees, the current Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, believes its time the country rethink marijuana.

Bella Hadid Gave Up E-Cigarettes for the New Year: ‘So Far So Good!’ [People]
The model is vanquishing vaping in her life as she welcomes the new year.

New York Bills Would Allow Medical Marijuana Smoking And Cannabis At Schools [Marijuana Moment]
Some New York lawmakers want to delete a line prohibiting medical marijuana use at schools in their proposed legalization bill, reasoning that it is medicine, after all.

Court Rejects Trump’s Cuts in Payments for Prescription Drugs [New York Times]
Hospitals may have to foot the bill if the White House cuts off funding for prescription pills serving low-income patients. A court isn’t having any of that.

Ellie Goulding Talked About Exercise Addiction On Her Instagram Stories & Not Enough People Know About It [Bustle]
Her mind was so focused on exercise that even missing a little set off major anxiety.

More tobacco retailers, smoking-related illness in poor neighborhoods [Reuters]
Smoking is down over all in the United States, but it’s still hitting the poorest the hardest.

Robbie Williams turns to colouring in bid to help curb his smoking addiction [The Sun]
The singer is turning to a nostalgic creative outlet to keep his mind of cigarettes.

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Twitch Bans Pro Smash Bros. Streamer For Passing Out Drunk During Stream [GameRant]
Playing video games live online for pay may seem like a cushy job, but one wrong (and drunken) move and it’s game over.

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