Morning Roundup: July 16, 2019

Morning Roundup: July 16, 2019

Major trial to test efficacy of virtual reality therapy on mental illness. Anorexia is not only psychological, but biological. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids slams “fake apology” by e-cigarette maker.

Anorexia Not Just a Psychiatric Problem, Scientists Find [Guardian]
A study of the DNA of nearly 20,000 people with anorexia has revealed a biological root to the eating disorder. “Anorexia may not be conceptualized as a solely psychiatric condition. Rather, metabolic factors may contribute too.”

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Slams Juul’s ‘Fake Apology’ [CNBC]
Juul CEO Kevin Burns was not being sincere in apologizing about young people’s use of his company’s popular e-cigarettes, according to Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which slammed his “fake apology” which was broadcast in a documentary about vaping.

Perspective: Being a Sober Mom in the Middle of a Wine Mom Culture Is Isolating [Washington Post]
A sober mom navigates “wine mom culture.” “Aside from finding wine references all over my social media to be extremely triggering, I used them as justification to drink, and then drink more.” 

Psychedelic Mental Health Treatment Expected to Be Approved in Australia Within 5 Years [Guardian]
Psychedelic drugs are increasingly being explored for their potential in treating mental illnesses. Australia, which will begin a psychedelic medicine trial this year, may approve this kind of therapy in less than a decade, one advocate predicted.

Kentucky Businesses Urged to Rethink Addiction in Workplace [WKU]
Faced with low workforce participation and high rate of drug abuse, Kentucky launched the Opioid Response Program for Businesses. The program’s goal is to change the culture in how we treat addiction.

Alcohol and Chefs: A Real Kitchen Nightmare [Guardian]
How the life of a chef can push people to substance abuse. This has been normal in this industry for some time. But some are rejecting this tradition, like chef Craig Strippel. 

First Major Trial of VR Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches [Forbes]
A large-scale trial will test the efficacy of virtual reality (VR) therapy for mental illnesses. Partners include Oxford University, The Royal College of Art and the UK National Institute of Health Research.  

Johnson & Johnson Ran ‘Cunning’ Scheme to Market Opioids, Attorney Says [Guardian]
Oklahoma’s attorney general claimed that Johnson & Johnson ran a “cunning, cynical and deceitful scheme” to market opioid painkillers, fueling the national opioid crisis. AG Mike Hunter is suing the company for $17 billion.

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