Morning Roundup: July 31, 2019

Morning Roundup: July 31, 2019

Malaysian police struggle with shabu-addicted officers. Philadelphia officials visit Canadian overdose prevention sites. Analysts warn of toxic adulterants in heroin and cocaine.

Mark Kleiman, Who Changed the Way We Think About Crime and Drugs, Has Died at 68 [Vox]
Mark Kleiman “was one of the most creative criminal policy experts of his generation.” From marijuana legalization to mass incarceration, the public policy expert was not only influential, but is remembered as a kind and helpful individual.

Weird New Kinds of Cocaine Could Start a “Hidden Epidemic” of Health Threats [BuzzFeed News] 
A look at the “hidden epidemic of chronic disease” caused by toxic adulterants in illicit drugs. Experts warn about the rising incidence of contaminated cocaine and heroin that have been linked to erratic heartbeats and organ failures. 

Philadelphia Mayor, City Leaders Head to Canada on Safe Injection Fact-Finding Mission [NBC News]
Philadelphia officials will tour Vancouver and Toronto to observe Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS) in action. The American city is considering opening similar facilities despite opposition from the federal government and some residents.

Malaysian Police Chief Says Tough to Combat Drugs with Addicts on Force [Reuters]
While crystal methamphetamine busts rise, so too is the number of addicted Malaysians. Police officers addicted to the drug is also a “huge” problem. “Every week we have surfaced, arrested our own men high on meth, shabu, and all this.” 

Fentanyl Cleanups Can Cost Up to $50,000, Thanks to Urban Legend [Billy Penn]
Medical experts sound off on the high price tag of fentanyl cleanups. They call it a rip-off that capitalizes on the myth that even a small amount of exposure to the drug can trigger an overdose.

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Some Juul ‘Vape Juice’ Found to Contain Ingredients That Might Inflame Airways [NPR]
A new study examined eight flavors of Juul e-liquids and their vapor. There is still a lack of information regarding the effects of inhaling “irritating chemicals” generally recognized as safe to eat and touch.

‘Second-Hand Drinking’ Is The Public Health Problem You’ve Probably Never Heard Of [Science Alert]
More reporting on the effects of “second-hand drinking.” Threats or harassment, physical aggression and driving while intoxicated are examples of the second-hand harms of drinking.

Former DEA Agent on Fentanyl: ‘By Far, the Worst Drug I’ve Ever Seen’ [Yahoo]
Fentanyl is the synthetic opioid blamed for the steep rise in drug overdoses, dubbed the “third wave” of the opioid crisis. A former DEA official says it is “by far, the worst drug I’ve ever seen.”

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