Morning Roundup: May 13, 2019

Morning Roundup: May 13, 2019

Berlin park designates drug-dealing spaces, Mexico unveils plan to decriminalize drugs, Men’s Health lists 40 male celebrities who don’t drink alcohol.

Berlin Park Designates ‘Pink Zone’ Areas for Drug Dealers [Guardian]
After repeated failed attempts by police to clear out drug dealers in Görlitzer Park, they’ll instead be given designated “pink zones” to conduct business. Local police are not thrilled.

Interview: Treating the Trauma Behind Addiction [US News]
Joe Polish, the founder of Genius Recovery, is hoping to inspire compassion in the conversation surrounding addiction. He recently discussed his own recovery and creating the Genius Network with U.S. News.

All Illegal Drugs in Mexico Could Be Decriminalized in Radical Government Plan [CNBC]
Under a “radical” plan presented by Mexico’s president, drug use will be treated as a medical issue and not a crime. More focus will be placed on treatment, not arrests. 

40 Male Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol [Men’s Health]
This expansive list includes big names like Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. and Rob Lowe. Which one of these surprised you the most?

One in Five Harmed by Others Drinking Alcohol Over Past Year, Survey Finds [Guardian]
The effects of drinking alcohol do not end with the drinker. They affect the people around you, too. This survey explored this issue in-depth. 

Opioid ‘Doctor Shoppers’ May Not Have to Look Far for Drugs [Michigan Medicine]
Prescription opioid diversion—e.g. when a person misuses opioid medication prescribed to a friend or family member—is still a big problem, a new study has found. The findings highlight the need to avoid unnecessary opioid prescribing and to educate patients on safe storage/disposal of the meds. 

Feel Like Your Antidepressants Stopped Working? Here’s What Could Be Happening. [Women’s Health]
Any number of issues can affect how antidepressants work for you. Here are some you may want to explore.

Confessions of an Alcoholic: ‘I Quit My Job. Drink Gushed Into the Space I Left for It.’ [Guardian]
“I started hiding cans. Next to my desk at home was a filing cabinet, and if I left the bottom drawer open it made a neat slot for a Stella Artois, one that could be quietly shut with my foot if I heard footsteps approaching.”

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