Morning Roundup: May 24, 2019

Morning Roundup: May 24, 2019

Former Eagle says he used marijuana on a “regular basis,” Boston sees rising HIV cases, closure of harm reduction program threatening public health.

Study: Closure of Rural Harm Reduction Program ‘Fundamentally Changed’ Health of a City [WV Public Broadcasting]
The closure of a central Appalachian syringe exchange program has ushered in “a new era of increased risks for bloodborne infections and overdose” in Charleston, according to a new study. 

Former Eagle Chris Long Says He Regularly Used Marijuana During NFL Career [Philly Voice]
Former Eagles defensive end, Chris Long, admitted that he “enjoyed my fair share” of marijuana during his NFL career. “A lot of guys get a lot of pain management out of it.”

The Fight for Sobriety Behind Bars: 4 Inmates Share Their Story [CBC]
The Winding River recovery program at a Manitoba prison is a voluntary, community-based program that one inmate said “has been the best experience of my life.” Daily classes, for up to one year, help inmates explore the roots of their drug abuse.

Dear Abby: Church Music Director’s Major Alcohol Problem Hidden from Congregation [The Ledger]
A church member wonders whether they should alert anyone to the music director’s drinking habits. “At this point, it’s my word against Mildred’s, and her problem will be discovered sooner or later.”

Late U.S. Senator Howard Baker’s Daughter, Cissy, Discusses Sobriety, Path Ahead [Knox News]
Cissy Baker, daughter of later U.S. Senator Howard Baker, is helping other women overcome alcohol and drug abuse. She, too, battled alcoholism at one point. “I am proud to be a recovering alcoholic. It is so rewarding and a privilege to help others.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Presses Housing Secretary About Marijuana Eviction Policies [Marijuana Moment]
HUD Secretary Ben Carson, while giving testimony at a House hearing on Tuesday, said that he is “in favor of more flexibility” when asked about federal housing policies that allow the eviction of public housing residents for illegal drug use.

HIV Cases on the Rise Among Boston’s Homeless Drug Users, Health Center Says []
Boston health workers are noticing a rise in HIV cases. “There’s an urgent need to address the homeless situation in Boston. This is about the opioid crisis and the spread of HIV and STIs.”

Three Ohio Counties Featured in New Drug Court Documentary [Akron Beacon Journal]
A new documentary follows over a dozen participants of Ohio drug courts over a year. “The film shows the thoughtful, caring, but firm work of drug courts as they deal on a personal level with the struggles of those trying to ‘get clean.'”

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