Hasan Minhaj talks mental health, Juul announces layoffs, and Trump announces a vaping meeting.

Heavy Weed Use Linked To Higher Risk Of Stroke In Young People [Yahoo]

Carfentanil Found In Seattle [KOMO News]

Why The DEA Is Suing Colorado’s Pharmacy Board As Part Of Its Opioid Investigation [Colorado Sun]

Hasan Minhaj On Mental Health, Taboo, Therapy [Teen Vogue]

Lady Gaga’s Mom On Witnessing Her Daughter’s In Mental Health [CBS News]

Fingerprint Test Can Distinguish Between Those Who Have Taken Or Handled Heroin [Science Daily]

Juul To Cut 650 Jobs In Anticipation Of Sales Slump [CBS News]

Trump Announced A Big Vaping Meeting, But Who’s Invited? [CNN News]

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Wed, November 13, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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