Ewan McGregor talks about playing a character with alcoholism in Doctor Sleep, study claims vaping may be better for the heart than cigs, Lil Xan discusses drug withdrawals.

Bill Would Let More People More Doctors Prescribe Addiction Treatment Meds Without Waiting For Insurer’s Permission [STAT News]

Bella Hadid Talks Mental Health, Runway Modeling [Teen Vogue]

Vote To Federally Legalize Marijuana Planned In Congress [Forbes]

Lil Xan Says He Suffered Seziures While Going Through Drug Withdrawal [Page Six]

Switching From Cigarettes To Vapes May Be Better For Heart Health [CNN]

How Ewan McGregor Approached Dan Torrance’s Alcoholism In Dr. Sleep [CinemaBlend]

Kratom May Cause Liver Damage [WebMD]

This New Headset Combats Depression Symptoms Without Medication [Local 12]




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Tue, November 19, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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