Elon Musk apologizes to Space X employees for marijuana use, Lili Reinhart talks depression, South Dakota’s meth campaign gets people talking.

Philippines’ Duterte Says He Will Ban E-Cigarettes, Threatens To Arrest Vapers [NPR]

18 ‘Red Flags’ Your Job Is Hurting Your Mental Health [Yahoo]

Lili Reinhart Talks Depression, Anxiety [Buzzfeed]

South Dakota “Meth. We’re On It.” Campaign Turns Heads [NBC News]

Elon Musk Apologized To Space X After Smoking Weed [The Futurist]

Some Relief For Test Anxiety Is Found In An Unusual Treatment [Scientific American]

Many Patients with Anorexia Nervosa Get Better, But Complete Recovery Elusive to Most [UCSF.edu]

When Pregnant Women Who Abuse Opioids Are Treated Like Criminals Their Babies Suffer [LA Times]

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Wed, November 20, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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