Danny Trejo talks long-term recovery in Variety, owner of legal hemp says cops shouldn’t have seized his product, new study suggest naltrexone can help curb meth cravings.

Elton John Feared He Wouldn’t Be Able To Perform Sober [NME]

Cocaine, Molly Becoming More Popular In The NHL [The Athletic]

100 Pound Marijuana Bust Just Legal Hemp, Owner Says [The Patch]

How Danny Trejo  Has Stayed Sober For 51 Years [Variety]

Narcan Now Sold Online In Tennessee [The Tennessean]

US Ready To “Wage War” On Drug Cartel “Monsters,” Trump Says [The Hill]

Naltrexone May Help Stop Meth Cravings [KCUR]

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Thu, November 7, 2019| The Fix|In Addiction News


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