Morning Roundup: Oct. 22, 2019

Morning Roundup: Oct. 22, 2019

Mother, author reflects on son leaving happy childhood for drugs. Ohio college students teach community how to be “allies” of people in recovery. Woman accused of lacing vapes with synthetic marijuana.

‘A House on Stilts’: Parenting in the Age of Opioid Addiction [Washington Post]
Author Paula Becker gave her son Hunter a loving and healthy childhood, but that did not prepare her for the person he would become. “It’s not that we couldn’t have made different choices, but this didn’t happen beacuse of anything we did or didn’t do.”

Ohio State Hosts Training to Help People Be Allies to Students in Recovery [WOSU]
The recovery community at Ohio State University hosted a training event on Monday to teach faculty and students how to be allies to those in drug or alcohol recovery. “There’s a lot of words and language that society uses without thinking about the implications of using those words.”

Seth Meyers Talks Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in the Military [Page Six]
Comedian and late night host Seth Meyers recently hosted the annual Headstrong Gala, to benefit military veterans in need of therapy. “In the military, there is a stigma to mental health, and there is a stigma to getting help and there is a stigma to getting therapy…” 

Four Big Drug Companies Agree to $260 Million Opioid Payout Before Trial to Begin [Guardian]
The world’s largest generic drugs manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, was among four major drug companies to reach a settlement just “hours” before the landmark federal opioid trial. They agreed to pay $260 million to settle the “first of thousands” of opioid lawsuits.

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CBD Pioneer Peddled Synthetic Marijuana-Laced Vape Products That Sickened Dozens [Associated Press]
The source of vape products laced with synthetic marijuana has been traced to a California woman who was known for being a “CBD pioneer.” Janell Thompson now faces up to 40 years in prison. 

Family Impacted by Opioid Crisis Wants Reckoning [CBS News]
A West Virginia family impacted by opioid abuse is following the opioid trial in Ohio, which will set the stage for similar litigation around the U.S. “The numbers that are at stake are enormous.”

Which Countries Do Best—And Worst—At Keeping Big Tobacco Out of Politics [NPR]
A global advocacy group has ranked which nations have been the most effective at warding off Big Tobacco’s influence over government policies. Here’s how they have managed to block interference by the powerful industry.

A Year After Suicide, Avicii’s Father Opens Up About His “Brave” Son [CBS News]
Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, known as Avicii, died by suicide in April 2018. His father Klas reflected on his son’s life during a new CBS This Morning segment dedicated to chipping away at the stigma around mental health.

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