Morning Roundup: Oct. 25, 2019

Morning Roundup: Oct. 25, 2019

Why Sesame Street’s new foster kid is important. SF grapples with meth problem. Hospitals sue drug companies for costs of treating opioid abuse.

New Sesame Street Muppet Can Be a Lifeline for Kids with Parents Trapped by Addiction [USA Today]
Nearly 6 million young children have parents who are struggling with addiction, which is why Sesame Street’s new Muppet, Karli, a foster kid whose mother is in recovery, is so important for kids to see. 

The Guardian View on Drug Policy: Rethink It Without Taboos [Guardian]
“Much of the harm caused by illegal drugs is caused by their illegality.” In this editorial, The Guardian newspaper argues against a policy of prohibition, but rather, a public health approach to the global drug problem. 

Some Hospitals Sue Opioid Makers for Costs of Treating Uninsured for Addiction [NPR]
Hospitals across the country are hoping to recoup the costs of treating opioid-related ailments by joining the growing number of plaintiffs suing drug companies. ER overdose patients are just one part of the heavy cost of opioid abuse on hospitals. 

Courts Recognize Addiction As a Disease, Yet Some Judges Continue Punishing Relapse with Prison [Philadelphia Inquirer]
A critique of the “probation trap” employed by the criminal justice system to ensnare people dealing with substance use disorder. Does it make sense to punish these people with more probation and jail time?  

SF’s Meth Epidemic: City Releases Plan for Tackling Skyrocketing Problem [San Francisco Chronicle]
In San Francisco, methamphetamine has contributed to “violent encounters, property damage, thefts and hazardous waste,” according to a new report. One possible solution: a meth sobering center.  

Is It a Meth Case or Mental Illness? Police Who Need to Know Often Can’t Tell. [NPR]
Police are having trouble discerning between mental illness and methamphetamine. How can they respond effectively? However, substance use disorder and mental illness often go hand in hand.  

Three Ways Childhood Trauma Affects Adulthood [Psychology Today]
What is complex trauma? It is a more subtle childhood experience, more difficult to pinpoint than clear life-changing events, that has just as much of an impact. 

‘My Career Came Before My Family’: Michael Douglas Blamed Himself for Son Cameron’s Addiction [USA Today]
Actor Michael Douglas admitted in a new interview that he put his career before his family. “We had reached a point where I thought I was going to lose [Cameron], based on everything I’d seen.”

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