Morning Roundup: Oct. 8, 2019

Morning Roundup: Oct. 8, 2019

Artie Lange to debut new podcast Halfway House. Is technology addiction a “you” problem? Opioid abuse among young people rising in Gaza and Kenya.

Uncomfortably Numb: Inside Gaza’s Opioid Addiction Crisis [Al Jazeera]
Prescription opioid abuse is a coping mechanism for young Palestinians on the Gaza Strip, fueled by the daily struggle of surviving the Israeli occupation. “Those who are supposed to build our future are the most affected.”

Comedian Artie Lange Podcasting After Rehab with ‘Halfway House’ []
Artie Lange has a new podcast coming out next month: Artie Lange’s Halfway House. Since he left rehab, the now sober comedian has returned to the stage to perform stand-up.

Opinion: Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem. [NY Times]
The author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products has a new book on how to control technology “addiction.” “These are things we can do something about, but we love to think the technology is doing it to us.”

Student’s Perspective: Give Students Struggling with Addiction Accessible Options [Daily Pennsylvanian]
A student columnist examines the lack of “accessible, clear and destigmatized” recovery pathways offered to University of Pennsylvania students seeking help. “A student should be able to easily find and understand their options.”

Young People Are Poisoning Themselves at Alarming Rates with OTC Drugs [Vox]
Tylenol, Advil and other over-the-counter medication are often used in poisoning attempts by young women and girls. While just a small percentage of OTC poisonings are fatal, many can lead to “serious outcomes.” 

Indiana’s Only Addiction Recovery High School Plans Relocation [WBAA]
Hope Academy, one of just a handful of public recovery high schools in the U.S., is hoping to move closer to downtown Indianapolis. A more central location would make the school more accessible to underserved families, they say. 

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Kenya Struggles to Cope with Growing Number of Heroin Users [Reuters]
The number of Kenyans who inject drugs, mostly heroin, increased by more than 50% in nearly a decade. The problem affects young people across all backgrounds. “They are the most productive members of our society.”

Syracuse Narcan Trainer Dies of Apparent Overdose: ‘The Stigma Is So Bad’ [WRVO]
Kevin Donavan, a harm reduction worker from Syracuse, New York, has died from an apparent overdose. He is remembered for educating thousands on overdose prevention.

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