Morning Roundup: Sept. 10, 2019

Morning Roundup: Sept. 10, 2019

Country singer struggled with alcohol before fatal car crash. Vaping death toll rising. Brad Pitt criticized for breaking anonymity, talking about AA.

Death Toll Rises in Vaping Cases with Latest in Indiana as Overall Numbers Rise [WebMD]
Americans have been urged to stop using e-cigarettes while authorities investigate what’s causing a rash of vaping-related illness across the U.S. Five people have reportedly died thus far. 

Mother of Kylie Rae Harris: Country Singer Struggled with Alcohol Before Fatal Accident [People]
Country singer Kylie Rae Harris “struggled” with alcohol “on-and-off over the years” prior to the fatal car crash that killed Harris and a 16-year-old girl, according to her mother. 

Sacklers Refuse to Surrender Personal Wealth to Settle Opioid Claims [NPR]
The Sackler family will not give up $4.5 billion of personal wealth to settle lawsuits against Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin owned by the disgraced billionaire clan. 

Fashionistas ‘Skipping’ Joss Sackler’s New York Fashion Week Show [New York Post]
Some won’t be attending Joss Sackler’s first NYFW event because of her last name. Joss and her husband David were on Purdue Pharma’s board until 2018. “When I get punched, I punch back.”

These Newborn Babies Cry for Drugs, Not Milk [NY Times]
A heartbreaking reminder that “every 15 minutes in America” a child is born dependent on opioid drugs. “For many, their first experience after birth is the torment of withdrawal.” Someone should be held accountable for them.

Did Brad Pitt Break the First Rule of AA By Talking About AA? [Mercury News]
Some 12 steppers were aghast that actor Brad Pitt dared to break “the spiritual foundation” of Alcoholics Anonymous—anonymity. “I don’t resent celebrities who declare their recoveries in AA publicly, but I do think it’s a foolish thing to do.”

Exercise Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain, Researchers Say [NPR]
Physical activity may seem counterintuitive for chronic pain relief. But according to this report, exercise can help reduce pain.

Study: College Students Using Marijuana and E-Cigarettes at Record Rates [Inside Higher Ed]
College students are vaping (both nicotine and marijuana) more than ever before. Marijuana use also reached “historic highs” not seen since 1983, according to the survey.

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