Our Top 10 digital detox posts of 2018

Our Top 10 digital detox posts of 2018

2018 has certainly kept us busy with the scientific community across the world focusing more closely on digital addiction and worldwide media bringing it into the light as well. There has growing interest around the globe in internet addiction, and social media addiction and we have been dissecting each new study to help you understand how technology addiction might affect you and steps to take to counter it.

This year we launched another digital detox book, this time focusing our advice on family relationships and how to help children in this technology-focused world! But which of our articles caught your attention this year? Here’s a roundup of our 10 most popular posts from 2018:


10. 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Wellness

This article summarised some of the most important things you may not know about digital wellness. This included the work that scientists and tech companies are doing to investigate or help, how you can use digital itself to help you detox, and the importance digital wellness has for the balance of your mental health.

9. 5 Simple Mindfulness Exercises To Try Instead of Scrolling on Your Smartphone

In this post, we break down easy exercises for complete beginners to help combat our ‘always-on’ lifestyle and give yourself a momentary break from technology. Together these five exercises will help you refocus on the world around us instead of the one on our screens.

mindfulness exercises for digital detox







8. Why Digital Detox is More Than a Trend

Recently a lot of the media have begun to cover digital detox and it can seem like the latest fad, so in this post, we explain why it is here for the long haul and why it works.

7. Think Our Technology Addiction isn’t Bad for our Mental Health? The Evidence is Overwhelming

There’s increasing evidence that too much time on screens (especially excessive time on social media) is affecting our mental health. In this blog, we explain why technology particularly impacts young people including links to depression and the science behind it.

6. Some Surprising Dangers of Technology Addiction

We’ve all heard of the common threats prompted by technology addiction such as poor mental health and a lack of sleep, but did you know that burglaries and traffic accidents are also caused by tech addiction? In this post, we explore the reasons behind these outcomes and give another reason to switch your phone off.

5. How to Phone Detox in 5 Steps

Our smartphones are now our ever-present companions and most of the time they are never more than an arm’s length away from us. We love them as tools and helpers in our busy lives but there is no questions that we are all getting overly dependent on them. In this blog post, we shared some easy steps to reclaim control.

4. Digital Detox for Kids: How to Help Them Unplug

Internet addiction is a recognised disorder in several countries of the world, and the effect that technology is having on our children can be shocking at times so here are some simple tricks to entice your kids away from the screen for some family bonding as well as reasons why you should!

3. 8 Good Reasons to Give up your Smartphone

We shared eight simple reasons to down your devices and pick up the parts of your life that have become neglected when you’ve been glued to your phone! These included not only benefits to your mental health, but also financial benefits too!

reasons to give up your smartphone for a digital detox

2. How To Stay Safe Online: 10 Tips for Teens

The popularity of this blog reflected the fact that so many teenagers today are aware of the threats that will affect them online, from stranger danger to technology addiction. Number two in our top ten posts of 2018 is a simple list of things to be conscious of when online to help you protect the teen in your life, or yourself.

1. How much time are you spending on your smartphone?

Our TOP post in 2018  was no surprise. You wanted to know how much you personally were affected by technology addiction. This blog explored what ‘normal’ might look like for screen usage and how you can measure and monitor your own.

We’ve loved posting on all things digital detox in 2018 and it looks like you’ve enjoyed reading our blogs too. Look out for all our new digital detox and digital wellness blogs coming in 2019!



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