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This 12-step focused residential treatment facility located in Prescott, Arizona is specifically designed for men and provides treatment for a variety of issues including substance abuse, PTSD, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.

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This 12-step focused residential treatment facility located in Prescott, Arizona is specifically designed for men and provides treatment for a variety of issues including substance abuse, PTSD, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.

Introduction and Basic Services

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Prescott House has been providing residential treatment in the North Central Arizona area since 1988. Prescott is a small mountain town getaway that can be a welcome change of pace. There are plenty of recreational activities in the outdoors, as well as plenty of recreation and entertainment that one would find in a big city. Everything from gyms, to museums and theaters, is accessible to residents of Prescott House.

This is a 12-step focused residential treatment facility specifically designed for men. However, it provides treatment for a variety of issues including substance abuse (alcoholism, opiate/opioid addiction, stimulants, benzodiazepines), PTSD, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.

Facility and Meals

The facility houses a maximum 40 men. Living spaces are shared two-bedroom units with kitchen facilities. The Prescott House has six common areas where groups are held, and residents interact with each other.

Food is not provided by Prescott House. It expects residents to purchase their own groceries and prepare their own meals. There are several local grocery marts within walking distance. Each man is given a weekly allowance and receipts must be kept to document the money spent on food. This promotes the good practice of shopping and cooking, while also holding residents accountable for the money they spend.

Treatment Protocol and Team

The duration of the residential program is generally four to six months. This is followed by a three-month outpatient program. While this is a 12-step focused program, this facility treats co-occurring disorders and recognizes that mental health issues must be addressed separately. This means a variety of treatment modalities are offered by counseling professionals such as psychoeducation, Post-Milan therapy, Systemic Models, Solution-Focused therapy and EMDR work. Groups specifically focused on self-esteem building are also an important part of the program.

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Family therapy is encouraged as part of the Prescott House’s program, and discussion of Family of origin is a topic that is regularly revisited in groups. The Prescott House recognizes that the dynamics of each Family are as unique as their residents, and no single therapeutic approach works for everyone. Therapists consider what approach works best for each Family. Individual and group therapy take place in the house. Residents meet with an individual therapist once a week for one hour. Individual therapy time is extended when issues that need to be processed arise.

The staff includes an MD and psychiatrist who everyone meets with at least once. The Clinical Team and Support Staff are comprised of approximately 11 professionals with various licenses and degrees. This makes the ratio of staff to clients about one to four. Most of the Clinical Counseling Team have BHT, LAC, and CSAT licensing. Most hold Bachelor’s degrees, and several have Master’s degrees as well.

Prescott House divides its program into three phases. During the first phase, the treatment team focuses on stabilization and getting settled into the new environment and routine. An on-site medical director and psychiatrist conduct a medical and psychiatric assessment. Medications can be prescribed to aid in the withdrawal process from substances, and/or to help treat any mental health issues that may be present. Getting into a healthy routine is a big part of Prescott House’s program, so developing an exercise program and working on a plan for dietary needs is also addressed. Residents also begin doing their own grocery shopping and meal preparation.

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The first phase also expects residents to be actively involved in group activities and participating in the recovery program offered. Self-esteem groups are held regularly and Prescott House residents begin to build relationships with each other in the process. Each resident is assigned an individual therapist who they meet with once a week. Because Prescott House is 12-step oriented, attendance at some of the 200 plus local 12-step meetings is required as a part of the facility’s treatment program.

During the second phase re-integration into the community begins. Residents are expected to look for part time employment or volunteer work in phase two. Family counseling is also offered during this phase, and time is spent working on rebuilding relationships with Family members. Each resident is assigned an individual therapist who they meet for an hour each week. Together, the resident and individual therapist work on goal setting and personal development. Time is also spent engaging in outings and adventures in the Prescott area.

The third phase is the final step toward fully transitioning back into the world outside of Prescott House. Approaching graduation can be an anxious time for someone in a residential treatment program. Making sure they stay grounded in recovery and connected with relationships made in the program is crucial. Prescott House offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those who are looking for extended support after leaving. A licensed BHT runs the outpatient program at Prescott House.

As previously mentioned, Family involvement is encouraged at Prescott House. Coordination of Family therapy begins when a client successfully completes 30 days in-house. Residents may, with the assistance of the individual therapist, plan a weekend outing with the Family. Family members are encouraged to be open to engaging in the Family therapy component of Prescott House’s program.

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Bonus Amenities

Yoga is also offered at the Prescott House, and there is an abundance of outdoor activities residents can participate in. Some of these include biking, kayaking and fishing. While equine therapy is not currently available, it was an amenity therapy at one point and may be again in the future.

There is very strong alumni involvement in the house. This allows graduates to stay connected to others who share the bond of having gone through the Prescott House program.


Residential programs that offer gender-specific treatment with a holistic approach are exactly what some individuals need. The Prescott House places emphasis on building a support community with other men in recovery, and the incorporation of outdoor activities, a healthy active lifestyle and involvement in volunteer/work could be a life changing for a man. The peaceful desert beauty of the Southwest offers as a refreshing change of pace and environment for someone struggling with addiction or other destructive behaviors. Prescott House offers all these things and allows men looking to make positive changes in their lives an opportunity to focus on themselves and learn to build relationships with other who have similar issues.

Prescott House Location

214 N. Arizona Ave

Prescott, AZ 86301

(866) 425-4673

Prescott House Cost

$30,000 (30 days)

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