The arrest was the latest challenge for the player, whose family lost almost everything in a house fire last year.

When Shai Werts, Georgia Southern’s starting quarterback, was pulled over for speeding on July 31, the police tested a while substance on the hood of his car, which they thought was cocaine. Werts knew what it really was.

“I swear to God that’s bird poop,” he told the officer, according to footage of the incident reported by WSOCTV.

But when the officer administered a field drug test, it turned positive for cocaine.

The officer said, “If anything, there’d be a one in 1,000 chance that these things are faulty, but I don’t think they just turn pink.”

He continued, “It’s not bird poop.”

False Positive

Wets was arrested and spend the night in jail, but when the drug test was sent to the lab, it showed that a false positive had occurred and the substance was likely exactly what Werts said: poo.

Still, Werts, who is black, said his arrest and temporary suspension from the team was jarring.

“It was just more frustration than anything because I know I didn’t do anything wrong,” he told Savannah Now. “But I’m just glad it’s over with. But yeah, I would definitely say it was frustration more than anything because I wasn’t worried about (the drug tests) coming back saying it was what they said it was. If you know me, then you know I wouldn’t do stuff like that.”

Werts said he just had to wait, knowing that the lab test would clear him from a misdemeanor cocaine charge that he was facing.

“It’s been difficult,” he said. “I stayed down and I knew that the truth was eventually going to come out. Just didn’t know how long it would take. It’s definitely been hard to deal with.”

The false arrest was the latest challenge for Werts, whose family lost almost everything in a house fire last year.

He said, “When something gets taken away from you that you love, it sucks. I’ve had to suffer through that. But I’ve done been through so much in my life, that it actually kind of helped me with this situation.”

Werts will still have to deal with a speeding ticket he got that night, but the cocaine charge was dropped after the lab tests came back. He said that result felt like he was getting his life back: “After the charge was dropped, it was a whole different ballgame now. I feel like I’m kind of free from it all.”

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