When people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, they feel as though they are completely trapped into that substance and that there is absolutely nothing that they can do about how intensively and terribly they are addicted. When people suffer and struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they really do feel as though it is the end of the line for them, and that they have run out of effective solutions that can help them kick their habit. They feel as though because they spent so much time abusing drugs or alcohol that, even if they do get clean, they will ultimately end up relapsing, in the long run. This is the wrong attitude for an individual receiving addiction treatment. Don’t expect a relapse when you return to your everyday life. You must keep a positive attitude and apply what you have learned in rehab.

Causes of Addiction Relapse

Going through an addiction relapse is definitely a hot button issue in drug and alcohol addiction recovery, and this concern is such that people really do feel like they are doing something that is particularly difficult and potentially deadly. Don’t expect to relapse but if you do, what does it mean?

Recovering addicts overthink relapse constantly and get much too concerned that it is definitely going to happen. If you expect to relapse, it will ultimately set you up for failure in the long run. Relapse is one of those things that might happen, and it might not, but you cannot expect to relapse. Doing this is not going to help your chances of remaining in recovery.

There are five causes of relapse. These are:

  1. Stress
  2. People
  3. Places
  4. Senses
  5. Emotions

If a recovering individual is able to control and dictate all of those things, then they are able to put themselves in a situation where they have much more control and direction over their sobriety.  They actually have the ability to direct and focus themselves on their path of abstinence and stability. Don’t expect a relapse; Remain thinking positive throughout your recovery.

Don’t Expect a Relapse: Think Positive and Use These Tips

Try to maintain a life that is not stressful so you can experience a degree of safety, stability, and peace of mind. Try to avoid stressful situations that you know will make you want to drink or do drugs in an attempt to feel better. Put yourself around the right people and not the wrong ones. You can no longer associate with friends who use drugs or drink alcohol. The temptation will be with you constantly to do the same. Cravings will happen and it will be too easy to relapse. If you can stay out of your old, “stomping grounds” so to speak, you won’t be tempted to use substances. You must avoid triggers whatever they may be that will be detrimental to your recovery. Try to keep your emotions under control. Remaining calm in all situations is hard to ask of anyone. Bad things happen in life along with disappointments. Learn to control your emotions without relapsing.

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