“I was a proper smackhead, crackhead, and look at me now! No smack, no crack, still problems, still crazy…I have freedom now and you can have freedom too,” Russell Brand said about his sobriety.

The sober comedian celebrated another milestone of his journey in a social media post.

Comedian Russell Brand is officially 16 years sober, celebrating the occasion with a special post to fans on Twitter. In a video post, he recounted where he was on this exact day 16 years ago.

“I remember being eggshell fragile, this time 16 years ago. December 12th, the day before, 2002… Jesus,” he said in his tearful video. “I’d scored two brown – that’s heroin, two white – that’s crack. It may be a little more, I can’t remember. Just tryna, need to big up my last use, but anyway I remember using it in Camden.”

He recalled how he had to sneak around loved ones to get his fix.

“I would have been hanging out with my various mates’ houses, none of whom were drug addicts, I was just sort of sneaking off to do drugs in their toilets,” he recalled.

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Message of Gratitude – 16 years Clean. THANK YOU. ❤

A post shared by Russell Brand (@trewrussellbrand) onDec 13, 2018 at 12:18pm PST

He also took time to reflect on his recovery and thank all those who helped him get clean.

“I had the privilege of going to a 12-step treatment center, getting three months there, the hugs man, the hugs, the optimism. And then coming out and finding other people, support groups where people would sort me out,” he recounted with gratitude. “Other, meeting mentors to hold my hand along the way lights further down the path to look at and guide me.”

The 43-year-old comedian reflected on how far he had come and what he’s built.

“…Now, 16 years, two daughters, married, dogs, peace of mind, not enslaved by the opinion of others, not enslaved by ‘Aw, if I could get more money, if I could get more fame, if I could get more sex,’” he said.

Brand has long been open about his recovery, publicly speaking out about how important he feels it is to keep up with support groups, advocating for mental health and penning a memoir about his own journey called Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions. He even addressed fans who may need help themselves, encouraging them to seek out treatment if they have a problem and assuring them that if he could do it, anyone could.

“I was a proper smack-head, crack-head, and look at me now! No smack, no crack, still problems, still crazy, I mean look at that (pointing to his hair), that should have been tended to before the video went up. But I have freedom now and you can have freedom too. We can change ourselves, we can change everything,” he said in the video. “Thanks for everyone, I’m extremely grateful for everybody who has helped me on this journey. All of you, thank you.”

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