Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies

The Role of Psychedelic Plant Medicines in Addiction Treatment

Psychedelic plant medicines have been used for healing purposes by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and there is mounting evidence that shows their ability to integrate with modern addiction therapy. 


The Opioid Crisis Is Our Greatest Opportunity

Overdose survivors need more than a second (or third) chance: they need a parachute. When you’re in free fall, a little more time isn’t much help.


Ibogaine: Promising Addiction Treatment or Snake Oil?

The induced vivid hallucinations and memories of childhood and formative experiences seem to be the key to ibogaine’s effectiveness in treating addiction, but experts don’t fully understand its mechanisms.

Opioid Crisis

Doctors Prescribe More Opioids Late In The Day, When Running Late

Time constraints and “chaotic practice environments” may be to blame for the troubling reliance on prescriptions.