Doctors Use "TikTok" To Teach Teens About Vaping Dangers

Medical officials are harnessing the power of social media to talk to teens about important health issues and to dispel medical myths.

Juul Lawsuits

School Districts Sue Juul

“We’re tired of companies that just want to make money at children’s expense,” one superintendent told The Boston Globe. 

Vaping Statistics

What Vaping Statistics Tell Us About The New Epidemic

The statistics highlight just how popular the smoking trend is among adolescents and young adults. 

Juul Labs

Juul Suspends Advertising, CEO Steps Down

Juul’s new CEO says the company is at a crossroads.  

Vaping Related Illness

Vaping Death Toll Rises To Nine

The Kansas resident, who was a new vape pen user, had an underlying health condition. 


Vaping's Popularity Made Room For Dangerous Decisions

“The end result of what could happen is not worth any high in the world,” said one man who fell ill after vaping. 

Vaping Deaths

Should I Stop Vaping?

Are the alarming headlines justified? And should the risks associated with vaping be a deterrent when the alternative is smoking cigarettes?


Skepticism Over E-Cigarettes Growing Rapidly

In the midst of a mysterious wave of vaping-related illnesses, public concern over vaping is at an all-time high. 

Vaping Illnesses

Is Vitamin E Behind The Wave Of Vaping-Related Illnesses?

The New York Department of Health is on the hunt for the cause of the recent rash of vaping-related illnesses. 

Addiction News

Morning Roundup: Sept. 9, 2019

Australia faces U.S.-style opioid crisis after ignoring warnings. Court to rule on Philadelphia’s supervised injection sites. Judge: Mississippi’s approach to mental health care violates federal law.