The First Step to Recovery is Detoxification

The First Step to Recovery is Detoxification

There are many steps you must take on the road to recovery from addiction. Do you know what the first step would be? Detoxification is the first step you must make to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Once the detoxification is complete, you will be able to focus and concentrate on your treatment program.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of eliminating the drugs or alcohol from your system. This is when you experience withdrawal symptoms from not using any substances. You should not attempt to detox from any substance alone without professional help and assistance. First, it is not safe to try detoxification alone. Furthermore, with the help of medical staff, you will be made more comfortable during this process.

Detox is not the same for every individual. A lot depends on your substance of abuse as well as how long you have been using the drugs or alcohol. Your physical condition can determine how hard the detoxification process will be on you. For instance, it probably would not be as hard for an otherwise healthy individual to endure the symptoms of withdrawal as it would be for an unhealthy person.

Where Should I Go for Detoxification?

There are inpatient and outpatient detoxification clinics. Most addiction treatment centers have facilities that handle detox for clients in the treatment center. You go through the detox process with medical staff on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor you as you withdraw from the substance of abuse. Should any emergencies arise with your medical health, someone is there to handle it immediately. They can also keep you more comfortable as you detox.

Detoxing at the treatment facility you choose is much easier because you don’t have to leave one facility and go to another one to complete your treatment for addiction. While detoxification is the first step to recovery, you still have a lot more work to do before you achieve sobriety.

If Detoxification is the First Step, What Comes Next?

Next, you will choose an addiction treatment program that fits your needs and preferences. Make sure your treatment center is an accredited and licensed facility with a compassionate and caring staff. Inpatient treatment is always best because it removes you from all of the temptations while you are receiving counseling and therapy sessions for your addiction.  A reputable addiction treatment facility does not have a one-size-fits-all program. They can design a program which is tailor-made to fit your individual needs.

The specialists at Best Drug Rehabilitation can help you with any questions you may have about different facilities that fit your preferences. There are various treatment programs from which to choose today. You should choose a facility that offers different modalities of treatment. You also want to make sure that your treatment program provides aftercare.

What is Aftercare?

It can be a long road to recovery from addiction. Once your treatment program is complete, you still are not entirely recovered from addiction. Addiction recovery is an ongoing process that will need your continued commitment to sobriety. It is not an easy road to travel, but it is worth the hard work.

An aftercare program will help you transition from inpatient treatment to your daily life at home as a sober individual. You will face triggers and cravings when you are back to your day-to-day routines of everyday life. Once you leave rehab, you will need to attend group meetings and counseling, possibly to keep you on your road to recovery. Support groups can be beneficial to your long-term recovery.

You will want to take charge of your life in such a way as to live sober and healthy. This will probably mean making new friends and forming new relationships that do not include your previous friends who still use drugs or alcohol. An aftercare program will be there to help when you are having cravings or are about to slip up and use again.

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Yes, detoxification is the first step to recovery. But once you have taken this step and completed your detox program, you will be ready to ahead with all of the following steps that will get you back to a life worth living, a life in recovery from addiction.

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