Why Give to Answer Addiction?

Thank you for considering joining the Answer Addiction Alliance! We’ve put together three reasons why you should feel good about making us part of your philanthropy.

Reason #1—Youth Need Your Help

Did you know that the majority of youth worldwide don’t misuse drugs or alcohol? It’s true. More and more youth realize the value of living a healthy lifestyle without the influence of drugs or alcohol, but the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors threaten this progress. Youth are isolated because of this virus, and they’re struggling with feelings of depression. They’re unable to enjoy many of their healthy coping mechanisms, like playing sports, visiting friends, visiting stores or libraries that are closed, and more.

Today’s youth are facing a once-in-a-lifetime health crisis, and even if they never contract COVID-19, they’ll still feel the stressors on their mental health. For months, we’ve been working to support teen mental health by supporting their resiliency, sharing positive coping mechanisms, and giving them an opportunity to participate in a digital, statewide rally.

Join the Answer Addiction Alliance and help us support the youth all over the world and help them live a healthy life free of the negative effects of alcohol and drug use.

Reason #2—Parents Are Pulling Double, Even Triple, Duty Now

Parenting is hard enough without the added pressure of teaching at home and a lack of child care services. When you add in issues of feeling unsafe going to work, being unemployed, or working from home, then it’s easy to see why parents are struggling to do it all. As a result, parents themselves may feel the urge to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like drugs and alcohol, which sets a bad example for their children and harms their health. Additionally, parents may find themselves stretched so thinly that they can’t be the parents they want to be for their children, contributing to the stressors we’re all feeling right now.

Over the last few months, we’ve dedicated our free, twice-a-month Know! Parent Tips to helping parents support their children and their communities during this global pandemic. We’ve created tips about how to talk about the pandemic with children in a healthy, non-fearful way, how parents can examine their own coping skills to ensure they’re taking care of themselves and setting a good example, how to encourage youth to connect to each other to combat feelings of isolation and depression, and how to create fun, pro-social events that maintain social distancing and combat the spread of COVID-19.

While we provide Know! Parent Tips for free, they are not free to produce. You can join us in supporting parents by donating today. No gift is too small or too big to give. These unprecedented times call for an unprecedented response, but we need your help to make that response possible.

Reason #3—We Promise to Use Your Gift Well

As a nonprofit agency, we spend more than 95% of all our funds on building our addiction information portal, and we’ve been actively doing so since we were established in 2010.

We have plans to expand our reach. Being internet focussed individuals, we’re currently developing an app that, we hope, will assist addicts in staying focused, building self-esteem, and encouraging abstinence and sobriety. We’re a long way into the project and we have plans for Alpha testing around the end of the 2nd quarter of 2022. If you’d like to be involved in this testing phase, please do let us know!

The gift you give to Answer Addiction Alliance won’t go to a flashy fundraising campaign, to shareholders, or to a wealthy CEO. It’ll go into our communities and into our youth.

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It's time to take back control. Recovery IS possible and YOU deserve it! ❤️