What Happened When I Spent Christmas Eve in a Basement with a Crazy Cat

I didn’t exactly catch the holiday spirit, but I took a suggestion that kept me hanging on by my claws through the Next 12 Days of Christmas…

Co-Occurring Disorders

Double or Nothing: The Two Diseases That Want Me Dead

My depression didn’t entirely cause my alcoholism, but it certainly played a key role.

Dating In Sobriety

How (Not) To Date in Sobriety: My Dinner with Steve, the Movie

Candle light. Barry White. And my Fifth Step.


Forgive and Remember

Better to face the discomfort than continue to trudge along under a false impression that it’s not dormant inside, oblivious to the ticking of the time bomb that will eventually go off.

Quitting Drinking

How to Quit Drinking: The Princess Is in Another Castle

When I asked people how they did it, I think a small part of me wanted to hear their solutions so I could study them and dismiss them.


Finding Emotional Sobriety in a Pandemic

I never realized I was the cause of my negative thinking by willfully trying to “make” my life happen then getting angry that everyone wasn’t doing what I wanted.


The Way In Is the Way Out

Before, negativity seemed to be the absolute truth and positivity felt forced. Now I experienced a place where neither was very relevant.


Seconds and Inches

At night before I passed out, I would beg God to not let me wake up. And when I did, I felt betrayed.


With Facemasks Politicized, Alcoholics Anonymous Faces a Conundrum

Due to rules discouraging political discussion, AA members can’t discuss a wide-ranging fear: contracting COVID-19 from maskless science deniers. For a program requiring clear-eyed honesty, that’s a very bad thing.


Practicing the Pause: Writing and Publishing with Spiritual Intention

If you rely on both your program tools and the messages from other spiritually centered writers to ask for guidance, you will receive it in a way that advances, not only your writing, but your spiritual maturity.