The Role of Trauma in Treating Addiction

People who have suffered trauma often need to address its lasting effects before they can get a handle on their substance use.


Forgive and Remember

Better to face the discomfort than continue to trudge along under a false impression that it’s not dormant inside, oblivious to the ticking of the time bomb that will eventually go off.



Would we be able to reach across the distance—and our failings—to touch each other, to smile?


The Five Pillars of Recovery from Trauma and Addiction

Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you deserve happiness, joy, success, and a life free from the pain of trauma and addiction. You are worth your recovery.


Damaged from the Git-Go!

I found a way to put my disease in remission, subject to my maintenance of the solution I found in my 12-step recovery program.

Black Lives Matter

Why cellphone videos of black people’s deaths should be considered sacred, like lynching photographs

Likening the fatal footage of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd to lynching photographs invites us to treat them more thoughtfully. 

Family Separation

Treating the Growing Trauma of Family Separation

War, disasters, trafficking and immigration are tearing millions of children from their parents all around the world. A psychologist explores how to help them recover.

Natural Disasters

When Disaster Strikes: Opioid Use Spikes in the Wake of Hurricanes and Fires

For some people already struggling with opioid addiction, a natural disaster may cause a relapse – even an overdose.

Group Therapy

Rehab Redemption: Faking It in the Fishbowl

As I shared my experience with the group, I knew that I should be expressing some kind of emotion, but the tears simply refused to come.

Addiction News

Morning Roundup: Sept. 6, 2019

Johns Hopkins opens center for psychedelic research. Brad Pitt talks AA and curbing drinking. Is there such a thing as a “functioning alcoholic”?