Aaron Carter Is Two Years Sober, But Urging His Mom Into Treatment

Aaron Carter Is Two Years Sober, But Urging His Mom Into Treatment

Carter announced that he is canceling part of his tour to focus on his mental health and family.

Shortly after revealing that he lives with a host of mental health issues, pop singer Aaron Carter has canceled much of his tour to focus on his mental health and family issues. 

Carter appeared on The Doctors last week and spoke openly about his mental health diagnoses. 

“The official diagnosis is that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety. I’m manic depressive,” he said, according to TooFab. “I’m prescribed to Xanax, Seroquel, gabapentin, hydroxyzine, trazodone, omeprazole.”

Despite needing to use prescription drugs to manage his condition, Carter said that he has been sober for two years. He revealed that he went to rehab in 2017 because he was huffing aerosol cans.

His Mother’s Battle

Although he doesn’t appear to be doing well, he said on the show that his mother Jane is in desperate need for treatment for her alcohol use. 

“My mother is struggling. She’s a very bad alcoholic,” he said. “Alcohol is her best friend… She’s ruined all of her relationships.”

He is afraid that if Jane doesn’t get help, her substance use will have deadly consequences. “What scares me the most is that she is dying. I feel like if she doesn’t get the help now, she’s going to die in the next six months to a year,” he said. 

At the end of the show, Jane agreed to go to rehab. 

Taking A Break For Mental Health

However, a few days later, Carter announced on Twitter that he is canceling part of his tour to focus on his mental health and family. 

“I have to put my health first and I hope you can all understand how much I need this time to heal and recharge my batteries,” he wrote on Twitter. “I love you. Stay strong. Stay healthy, and just know I’ll be back next year ready to go. But as a man, this is what I need to do to have some peace. Xo”

Abuse From a Young Age

Thursday morning, Carter made a shocking allegation on social media, setting off a Twitterstorm on his feed. “My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn’t on her medications and I was abused not only sexually by her but by my first two back up dancers when I was 8 years old. And my brother abused me my whole life,” he posted early this morning.

“I feel cleansed all my truth is out I just need to focus now on my music my career and supporting all victims of abuse and rape,” he tweeted.

This came a day after his older brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys shared that he filed a restraining order against Aaron, “in light of Aaron’s increasingly alarming behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child.”

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