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Location and Primary Services

Situated in beautiful Ventura County, near Camarillo and Thousand Oaks, Archway House is a newly established (founded in 2018) sober living facility for adult men in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. Southern California resident Charlie Smith thought of creating the home when he recognized the need for more independent sober living options for males in his area. Archway House is a space for men in recovery from addiction to have ready access to support from like-minded individuals, but also maintain their privacy and independence.

Residential Features

The upscale residence has six bedrooms that are all fully furnished. The rooms each have a bed, bedside table, dresser and closet. Linens are provided to each resident. Bathrooms are shared but since there are four available, each client can expect to share a bathroom with no more than one other person.

Archway House also features a Ping-Pong table, a pool table, a hot tub and an outdoor space for barbecues with a fire pit. There is also a designated space for exercise complete with gym equipment. Residents enjoy the perks of a fully equipped kitchen in the home, but are expected to provide their own food and cook their own meals, in keeping with the spirit of independence that Archway House fosters. Laundry facilities are also available to residents, along with WiFi and Direct TV.

The home is in close proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, shopping and plenty of other sundries. It’s also a short trip away from both the mountains and the beach. While living at Archway House, residents can easily pursue recreational outlets like horseback riding, swimming, hiking, surfing and biking.

Rules and Requirements

Archway House only admits residents who are employed, fully detoxed and at least 90 days clean and sober. The men are subject to random drug testing, which is conducted by an operations manager who checks in on the residents at least once a day. Otherwise, the only other staff member is Smith, who comes to the home every Sunday to cook dinner for and enjoy a meal with the residents.

Unlike a typical sober living, there aren’t too many rules or restrictions at Archway House, beyond just staying sober and being respectful of fellow residents. This isn’t an environment where residents are transported to meetings all day, or closely monitored around the clock. There are weekly housekeeping meetings and weekly 12-step meetings held on site that the men are expected to attend. Otherwise, they are granted free rein over their own schedule. They are required to be active in AA/NA and working with a sponsor; step work is highly encouraged and supported in every way possible.

Residents are not only expected to be working full-time but also to have a valid driver’s license. They are permitted to keep their vehicle at the house. It’s a month-to-month lease so clients do not have to lock into any set length of time at Archway House and can stay as long as they like.

Bonus Amenities

The complimentary Direct TV that’s included in the monthly rent comes with a special NFL package for avid football fans to enjoy. Additionally, the home is close to myriad 12-step meetings in all the nearby communities.


Archway House is an incredible resource for sober men who are recently out of inpatient or outpatient rehab and looking for affordable, comfortable housing in a supportive setting. It’s also a great option for someone in recovery going through a major life transition. Individuals who have the resourcefulness to be proactive in their own recovery and maintain full-time employment might do well with the solid balance of privacy and community that this facility provides.

Archway House

Address undisclosed to protect client privacy.

(866) 370-9355

Archway House Cost: $1,800 (per month, including utilities); small security deposit required.

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