Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Talk Sober Parenting, Wine Memes

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Talk Sober Parenting, Wine Memes

The celebrity couple discussed “mommy juice,” vacationing with others who imbibe and wine memes in a recent interview. 

Celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spoke of parenting without relying on alcohol to relax and making the “wine mom” memes work for them while living mostly sober lives in an interview with HuffPost.

Shepard himself has been totally sober since 2004, and while Bell still has an occasional drink, she doesn’t imbibe as much as her friends. Shepard does get jealous sometimes, though.

“We vacation almost exclusively with three other families who all have kids, and certainly at night, I’m super jealous of them because I’m like, f**k yeah I would love to drink something that turned down the volume of everyone in this house,” Shepard explained. “So I’m a little bit jealous in the evenings.”

But then the hangover-free morning comes.

“At 6:45 when we’re all up, I’m like, Oh I’m crushing right now. I feel great. And they’re miserable. And those voices are three times as loud with a hangover.”

Shepard is trying to focus on the positives, such as those high-energy mornings with his young kids Delta Bell and Lincoln.

Wine Memes In Online Parenting Communities

Kristin Bell, meanwhile, may not drink every day, but she’s found a way to relate to the “mommy juice” memes that online parenting communities love.

“So, the wine memes, for me, they’re all-encompassing in the fact that they represent, ‘Remember that you’re an adult. It’s OK if your kids are stressful and annoying. It’s OK to take time for yourself,’” she said. “But to me, that doesn’t necessarily ever mean alcohol.”

Instead of always turning to alcohol, Bell finds comfort and stress relief in her husband.

“I personally don’t have wine every day, but my wine is Netflix and cuddling with my husband or our date night.”

Dax Doesn’t Mind Being Around People While They Drink

Embracing a sober or mostly-sober lifestyle has spread into something of a trend, with an increasing number of celebrities trying it out. Bell and Shepard have been at the forefront, often speaking out about the benefits and challenges. Thankfully, their friends have been supportive and Shepard doesn’t find it difficult when others drink around him.

“Dax has never been triggered by people drinking around him,” said Bell. “In fact, our friends are usually sensitive to it, and they look to me like, ‘Is it OK if I pour myself a drink?’ And Dax will notice and say, ’Oh no listen, I lost my privilege of drinking, but you didn’t lose your privilege. I think you should have a drink.′ So I’m very lucky there.

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